Korcomptenz Azure Solution Offerings: Custom Service Levels for Your Unique Needs


Plan A

  • Azure Cost Optimization
  • Custom Performance Monitoring & Alerts
  • Custom Restarts & Escalations
  • Technical Support & Account Management
  • Virtual Network (VNet) Administration
  • Data Backup & Restore Services
  • O/S Systems Administration
  • Database Administration (Optional)‎


Plan B

  • Advanced 24/7 Intrusion Prevention
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Security Configuration Management / Change Control
  • Real-Time Endpoint Security Protection


Plan C

  • Compliance Audit Assistance
  • Application Access Controls
  • Annual Assessment and Ongoing Employee Controls
  • NG Firewall & Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for Azure (Optional - Requires Additional Fees)
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) for Azure (Optional - Requires Additional Fees)

Key Benefits of Azure Managed services

Cost Effectiveness - Azure Cloud hosting

Cost Effectiveness & Scalability

Featuring a cost effective Pay-As-You-Go model allowing you to purchase only what you need, Microsoft Azure Managed services makes it easy to scale computing power up and down with at the click of a button.

Security - Azure Support Services


Azure Cloud hosting offers best-in-class security backed by Microsoft's Trusted Computing Initiative along with unparalleled disaster recovery capabilities that work straight out of the box.

Key Benefits of Azure
Integrated Delivery Pipeline - Azure Managed services

Fully Integrated Delivery Pipeline

Azure Support Services provides seamless continuity and easy integration by combining source control, unit testing, integration testing, delivery, and go live tools in a single platform.

Reduce Risk and Complexity - Azure Cloud hosting

Reduce Risk and Complexity with Real Hybrid Consistency

Azure Managed services allows you to optimize your existing assets by using a hybrid approach to the cloud, offering consistency across the data platform while reducing risk and cost.

What Are You Paying For?

Understand where your money is going and how to take advantage of your investment.

See how much money you could save by switching to the cloud from your on premises infrastructure:

Premise infrastructure - Azure Cloud hosting
Total cost of ownership for on premise infrastructure
Total cost - Azure Managed services
Total cost of ownership for Azure
  • Disk Storage Costs
  • IT Labor Costs
  • Networking costs
  • Virtualization Costs
  • Software Costs
  • Electricity Costs
  • Data Center Costs
  • Hardware Costs
  • Disk Storage Costs
  • IT Labor Costs
  • Networking costs
  • Virtual Machine Costs – Pre-Purchase
  • Virtual Machine Costs – Web Direct
  • Saving
  • Saving
  • Saving

Calculate Your Infrastructure Costs

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Benefits of an Azure Managed Service Provider

According to a survey by NetEnrich in 2017 of over 80 top IT professionals and business executives in large and midmarket organizations, 62 percent of organizations used a multi-cloud environment that included Microsoft Azure Managed services, and 46 percent had at least half of their IT infrastructure and workloads in Azure.

The report also found that 67 percent of participants said they were "very likely" to work with an MSP over the next year to help with migration to Azure or to manage their cloud and/or on-premises environment.

Benefits of an Azure Managed Service Provider

Here are the reasons why hiring an MSP like Korcomptenz is in your best interests:

  • According to the same survey, security was the top priority for Azure Cloud hosting end users seeking to partner with MSPs. The survey found respondents' top Azure challenge was data security and privacy concerns (30 percent). The most sought-after MSP skills were found to be security, backup, disaster recovery, planning and protection (72 percent).
  • Customers are also interested in partnering with MSPs because of their discovery and inventory of IT resources (65 percent). Especially when taking the leap to the cloud you need a seasoned technology partner and MSP like Korcomptenz to make sure your technology transformation is undertaken in the most effective way.
  • A MSP like Korcomptenz can help you reduce hardware costs, hardware maintenance, and technician costs by configuring your virtual Azure servers and providing regular consultations so you no longer have the headache of both maintaining and constantly monitoring your servers (virtual and/or on premises).
  • MSPs' ability to assess the cost and ROI for cloud roadmap development (59 percent) also goes a long way into caring for your company's bottom line.
  • Read more about Azure VS AWS.

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May 30, 2018

Your Plan of Action Regarding the Cloud

Existing Azure Consumers

Existing Azure Cloud Hosting Consumers

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Alternative Cloud Consumers

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Potential Azure Consumers

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50 Azure regions, more than any cloud provider

Azure regions

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compliance offerings—the largest portfolio in the industry


global Azure regions—more than any cloud provider


of Fortune 500 companies trust their business on the Microsoft Cloud