How AI and Chatbots are Taking Customer Experiences to the Next Level


Improving the customer experience (CX) is one aspect of most businesses that is bound to have an immediate, measurable effect. If your customers are delighted with your services, they’re likely to choose your services in the future and recommend their friends as well. Building long-term customer relationships ensures consistent organizational growth.

Research indicates that 74 percent of consumers are likely to purchase solely on their brand experience.

This suggests that customer loyalty is about the overall experience instead of specific products or services, features and options. Businesses that have personalized and automated services have an advantage. More than 70 percent of consumers like personalized interactions from brands and almost 76 percent are disappointed when interactions aren’t personalized.

To enhance CX overall, businesses need to provide outstanding customer service. AI chatbots are robust tools that help deliver excellent customer support experiences without requiring manual effort.  According to a survey by a leading US multinational technology company (Oracle), 80 percent of businesses will be using AI-powered chatbots. Also, based on a study by a leading chatbot infrastructure company, 35 percent of customers require businesses to implement chatbots for customer service ops.

Understanding how CX is significant is essential for organizational growth and embracing AI chatbots help in improving CX. Here is how:

Quick Response 24/7

Long wait times or delayed replies will not be tolerated by your customers. Companies lose over 75 percent of their customers due to long queues or waiting times.

Implementing an AI-enabled chatbot together with other communication channels helps deliver immediate assistance to customer questions. The use of AI for CX provides quick resolutions round-the-clock at no extra cost and can take up queries when the support executives are unavailable or are busy. 

The major ways AI chatbots help in delivering an enhanced CX are: 

AI technology can anticipate consumer requirements and provide relevant responses. 

Customized Recommendations

Personalization becomes simpler if you implement artificial intelligence. Did you know that 75 percent of customers are more likely to purchase from your brand if the customers are recognized, remembered, or receive recommendations that are customized to them?

AI helps to analyze customers’ information from vast amounts of structured and unstructured data gathered from a variety of sources. This analysis helps recommend products/services to customers.  The data that is the most relevant is the customer’s purchasing habits and browsing habits. 

By developing buyer personas, businesses can identify distinctive patterns and gain a better perception of each consumer. Using AI technology, you can send relevant content to your customers at an appropriate time using the most engaging channels that the customer prefers.  AI can play a pivotal role in every stage of the buyer journey. 

For example, a leading clothing company in the US created an AI-powered chatbot to help customers find the exact fit. The AI chatbot also employs natural language processing (NLP) to figure out what every buyer wants in a pair of denim pants. 

Use AI chatbots to deliver hyper-personalized experiences by:

Predictive Analytics for Useful Insights

Predictive analytics leverages data mining and modeling to make projections so that customers realize that the products/services are customized for them. 

Bot marketing is beneficial to help you understand and serve consumers better. Businesses can find actionable insights from the information gathered from different sources to boost customer engagement and satisfaction.   

Artificial intelligence enhances customer experience and identifies new opportunities to make sales and offer customers an emotional connection with the business or brand. 

Improved Sales

Chatbots also automate appointment booking to assist customers on the channels they prefer such as social media or website.  A robust bot can also accept orders, be it garments or food. It’s simple to use for customers and that helps in boosting sales. 

For example, lead generation bots engages people with rich conversations and doesn’t force customers to fill out any form and yet it delivers an outstanding experience. 

The AI bot asks qualifying questions and engages users by offering numerous choices. The users can choose the most relevant option. 

Chatbots can improve sales conversions by: 

User Engagement through Voice, Text, and Visual

Conversational AI-enabled bots help customers using text as well as voice. Voice chatbots, for example, have emerged as an essential trend embraced by major banks.

Again, smart, cloud-based voice service solutions including Amazon Alexa and Echo have changed the way customers shop online, enabling them to discover the correct information and delighting them with a self-serve customer service experience anytime. According to eMarketer, a market research company, 38 million individuals will buy products using smart speakers.   

Through voice-powered interaction, customers can learn more about products, buy them, and complete transactions by just conversing with their smart speaker. It’s about developing AI-enabled technology and chatbots with behavior that’s second nature to us – human conversation. 

Visual engagement together with text and voice emotion assessment will help businesses measure human sentiments in various kinds of communications. AI-enabled visual engagement technology studies facial expressions in one-on-one video chat interactions. 


AI chatbots will be a key driver in providing an improved customer experience. Instead of being hesitant in adopting emerging technologies and trends, businesses should implement them to gain a competitive advantage. 

Why Korcomptenz?

Korcomptenz can show you how to leverage AI chatbots in a way that’s best for your business, now and in the future.  We can help make these next-generation tools a significant part of your eCommerce strategy. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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