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with Microsoft Power BI and Azure Synapse for greater insights

Improve performance with faster, real-time, accurate insights and predictions

Reduce time to value and maximize existing investments and Ensure control over your data while meeting compliance requirements. For SMBs and Enterprises, there are a variety of solutions that give analytical reporting. However, not all reporting tools support Business Intelligence. Furthermore, most of these solutions require time and effort to install, setup, configure, and create reports for end-users or the Management Team. Microsoft saw a void in the market for business intelligence and created POWER BI, a new solution that solves all the problems.
As a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner, Korcomptenz gives you a competitive advantage with Power Business Intelligence (Power BI) a Microsoft analytical reporting system that allows you to visualize and share data throughout your organization. For the past ten years, it has ranked first in BI and Analytics Platforms.

Our customized Power BI services to enhance your decision making

Business Analytics Solutions

Unlocking financial benefits across industries


Be equipped to analyze production, sales, and revenue data securely, by utilizing industry standard data security and access controls—while staying connected wherever you are


Smart connected supply chain provides an opportunity to launch a range of highly personalized add-on services, by gaining relevant insights about their needs..

Retail & Fashion

Transform your retail operations and improve efficiency by gaining visibility into the insights, patterns, and purchasing predictions across all channels.


Organize, manage, analyze, and transform data from multiple sources, to improve program impact and identify patterns & opportunities that will help you better understand your supporters


Increase the ability to stage early interventions to keep students on track while also helping teachers reduce reporting times and promote their professional development and success.


Improve risk insights & comply with regulatory requirements, while lowering compliance costs and protecting the bank and its employees.

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Visualizing Your Data

Visualizations (aka visuals) are pictures that make it easier for the viewer to understand data than a bunch of numbers in rows and columns.

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