Paperless workflow created to optimize HR Operations with Power Apps

See how we helped a large electric services provider improve efficiency, user experience, and auditability by replacing Excel and PDF forms with Power Apps integrated with an existing Human Resource Application.

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Reliable electric service has always remained in high demand. With power consumption constantly increasing, experienced and skilled electrical contracting companies are the need of the hour. Like many contemporary industries, the electric service sector relies on technology-driven solutions to meet the rising demand. The client is a leading electric service provider who has been in the industry for decades, providing high-quality electric energy and related services to users. They partnered with Korcomptenz to replace the existing manual process with an automated solution using Power Apps. This enabled the client to achieve timely project completion, positive user experience, and ease of use.

About the Client


The customer is a large electric services provider in the United States. They support installing electrical systems in commercial and mixed-use buildings. Founded in 1946, the company has made its mark in the construction industry by providing the highest quality electrical contracting services for projects of all sizes. Today, the organization has more than 2,900 employees, operating coast-to-coast.

HR Operations with Power Apps Intro

The client holds a successful track record of constructing world-class commercial, biotech, healthcare, educational, entertainment, government, hospitality, industrial, renewable energy, and retail facilities across the country.



The company had been using paper or binary file forms to process common human resources requests for staff in their field such as cell-phone and vehicle allowance and pay raises. All human resources data was stored in an existing Oracle HR implementation, but few associates had direct access to the system. Field employees would complete paper or PDF forms for common requests and email them to the appropriate supervisor for approval. The supervisor would then continue the email chain to Human Resources for ultimate entry into Oracle.

The process had no tracking or notifications, and a lot of potential for manual error. For example, the field employee submitting the form might not have the latest salary or benefit information. If they listed that information incorrectly, the supervisor could approve an inaccurate request and the error would only be identified when the human resources department entered the data into Oracle. In many cases, the process would then need to restart again.

Case Study 1 to 4
Case Study 1

Paper or binary forms were received via email and processed manually with no approval chains.

Case Study 2

Forms were hard to maintain and didn’t automatically contain the correct employee information.

Case Study 3

Human resources or other team members needed to validate and process the data manually, including routing for approval.

Case Study 4

No audit trails or reporting to display current status and disposition of requests.

HR Operations with Power Apps Challenge



Korcomptenz was selected as the partner of choice to replace the paper and binary file form process with an automated solution using Microsoft Power Apps. We collaborated with the customer to identify their short- and long-term needs for their usage of Power Apps. This included an analysis of the current forms, future forms, workflow, reporting needs, and integration with Oracle Human Resources Software.

The project began with a discovery phase to finalize the process, user types and approval chains, and identify the best means to integrate Power App data with Oracle. The goal was to ensure the forms were easy to complete, were automatically routed based on the corporate org chart, and presented the correct data for each employee. In addition, special attention was paid to ensuring the data ultimately entered back into Oracle was well-formed and followed the appropriate business rules. Ultimately, the project included:



The project was completed in an agile manner focused on two primary forms while ensuring the architecture supported additional functionality in the future. Korcomptenz collaborated with key stakeholders throughout the company to ensure a positive user experience, ease of use, data integrity, and scalability.

Connect with us at [email protected] to know more. The completed project delivered the following real-world benefits to the customer.

HR Operations with Power Apps Results

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