Project Description

About The Company

A company that specializes in bringing brands to life through innovative promotional products and imprinting methods, striving to be the industry leader, and giving their customers more than they expect through world-class customer service, strategic partnerships and creative solutions.

Business Challenges

The company prints required information on different kinds of products. Their business requirement is to print various information on the product and the pricing is defined based on the technology used for the printing and the variety of colors.

The Company was looking for a configurator that facilitates the user to enter all the required information for the printing process at the time of creating the sales order itself. The sales order may be for a combination of different products which is bundled as a Kit but with different printing and colors requirements for different quantities within the Kit.

The pricing calculation is done based on the materials required for the finished product, printing information (type of print and colors etc.)

Once the Sales order is created the user can carry out various processes like Production Order creation, other documentation for the execution of production order etc. with the product variant information.

Current application:

The Company was using a third-party application (not a NAV extension) that uses the NAV data and does the entire process in a separate application and pushes back the required data to NAV to create Sales Order etc.

The third-party application has its own merits and demerits like the pricing of the product, data management, information review and user friendliness etc.

It also limits and creates a dependency on the future business process changes with in the NAV System for the customer.

Expectation of the Customer

Build the entire Product Configurator within NAV along with additional business process requirements that were identified during the usage of the current third-party application. Provide process navigations, data reviews in a user-friendly way with the same NAV user interface. Additional provision to assort the item and Kit quantities based on the customer requirements.

Solution Provided to The Customer

Developed a user-friendly Product Configurator within NAV and carried out all the processes starting from Sales Order to Manufacturing execution with many options to view/review various data used during the process of Sales Order creation to release of Production Order.

Configurator Features:

  • Product Configurator

    • Provide option to the user to use the configurator in the Sales Order process
    • Option to Choose Printing Type based on the technology used, different kinds of colors to be used, etc. It also facilitates the user to change or remove different raw materials, if needed and add additional charges based on the options
    • Once the Sales Order is verified and released, it allows the user to carry out all the processes related to the manufacturing of the items or Kits
  • Advantages of the Configurator

    • Allows the user to work within the NAV environment
    • Keep all the references internally like quote and sales orders references
    • View all the required information at various levels like parent, child items and their related quantities, their raw materials, charges etc.
    • Facilitates in the substitution of raw materials in case needed, based on the inventory
    • Provision to add additional charges if any
    • Additional provisions to assort the items and kit quantities based on the client’s requirement since sometimes the client may not require certain items in the kit etc.
    • Review all the information before the release of Sales Order in a user-friendly way
    • Automate the Production Order creation and execution as per the standard NAV process with required additional information for the manufacturing process.


The Customer was very happy with the Product Configurator due to the ease of process navigation and for the options of viewing and reviewing various information while executing the entire process. The major expectation of having the Product Configurator within NAV was achieved with the additional features to meet their current business requirements.

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