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See how Korcomptenz helped a leader in the healthcare industry by developing a cloud-based survey application using the latest application development standards and databases and including a robust administrative console to manage results.

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We know the healthcare industry is changing drastically and here’s when digital transformation comes into play. Korcomptenz helps bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers to make sure that the healthcare industry lives up to the expectation of their patients. Korcomptenz partnered with a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon to deploy best in class patient survey software tailored to their needs. 

About the Client


The customer is an international leader in orthopedic surgery and recognized thought leader with data on thousands of patients since the 1980’s. This research has been critical to developing best practices and educating other physicians, transforming this orthopedic surgery center into the world leader.  The organization consistently outperforms other surgery centers in key metrics, enabling their patients to return to sports and the other activities they love faster than ever.  They have performed ACL surgery on over 7,000 patients.  85% to 90% of them are back in action compared to 50-60% for other providers.

Orthopedic Cloud-based application Intro

Part of a large midwestern healthcare provider, the orthopedic surgery team was on the cutting edge of using medical research to improve care and has been surveying patients on their outcomes for over 30 years.



Research has always been an essential part of the organization’s strategy to deliver better care to their patients and educate other providers.  The organization began collecting data via mail 30 years ago and had deployed a limited online system in the 2000s.  This system worked for a time but wasn’t scalable or built to the latest security standards. In addition, there was no administrative console to manage surveys or verify data prior to analysis and extraction for storage in the Data Warehouse.

In addition to still using Salesforce Classic, the challenges were caused by a variety of factors:

Case Study 1 to 4
Case Study 1

Any changes to surveys, even minor text updates, required a developer.

Case Study 2

Basic reporting, cleanup of data, and extraction to warehouse required a developer.

Case Study 3

Older, fully custom code-based and outdated database technology presented security risks.

Case Study 4

Locally hosted survey application required maintenance of infrastructure.

In addition, the survey application and its associated database were hosted locally on older infrastructure.  The organization’s parent company was hesitant to move resources to the cloud for security reasons.  Korcomptenz also partnered with their information security team to identify a hybrid solution that both matched their information security standards and enabled maintenance free scalability.

Orthopedic Cloud-based application Challenge



Korcomptenz was selected as the partner of choice to develop an all new, cloud-based survey application using the latest application development standards and databases and including a robust administrative console to manage results.

We collaborated with the customer to identify the medically accurate survey types, data cleansing, and administrative needs, plus the overall process to extract data for analysis and storage in the existing data warehouse.  The project began with a thorough analysis of all the survey types required as well as the process to leverage the raw data for business intelligence purposes.

After establishing a complete picture of the final product, development was conducted in an agile, phased manner focusing on deploying the underlying software, then the unique coding required to support each medically accurate survey type, followed by granting access to the correct cohorts of patients.  The application was then tested by medical experts to ensure accuracy before the data extraction layer was completed.  This process helped stabilize the front end and relational database components prior to developing the ETL, reducing change requests and rework in the process.

During the development phase, Korcomptenz partnered with the information security team to establish standards for patient and user access, including integrating with their Azure Directory SSO to ease management demands.  Microsoft Azure was identified as an optimal hosting provider for the front end, but for data protection reasons the SQL database remained in-house.  This hybrid model enabled them to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud for the first time while still enforcing applicable security standards.

Medically Accurate and Validated Survey Types

The application supports standardized, trusted survey types to ensure meaningful, accurate data.



The project was successfully launched after a thorough User Acceptance Testing Phase, enabling patients a more intuitive, easy to use survey experience, granting administrators more control and an improved workflow, and reducing the burden on the information services team.  As an Azure application, performance and stability were also significantly improved.

Connect with us at [email protected] to learn more. Following were some of our deliverables:

Orthopedic Cloud-based application Results

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