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Top 5 challenges in Manufacturing and Retail industry

Korcomptenz - Total Transformation Blog - Top 5 challenges in Manufacturing and Retail industry

Posted on July 19, 2018

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solves Top Challenges in the Manufacturing and Retail Industry

The manufacturing industry is steadily growing, thanks to new technology and lean manufacturing processes along with a strengthening economy. However, there remain real challenges.  Thankfully, manufacturers can take advantage of the latest advancements in technology to move ahead with confidence.

Skilled Labor

Recent studies show that will be more than 2 million unfulfilled manufacturing jobs by 2025. Manufacturers find it increasingly difficult to get skilled employees for their various tasks. Fortunately, technology and automation can provide relief, sometimes at lower costs.

Project Management

Manufacturers need to adhere to strict timelines in order to stay in the market. This can be very frustrating for a team that wants to deliver a quality product but is constrained by a deadline. Using software that includes resource scheduling, manufacturers can adjust the schedule quickly and find available resources to complete the task in time to meet the predicted dates.

Machine Intelligence

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of connected objects/devices, embedded with sensors that transmit data. In the retail industry specifically, "things" can include RFID inventory tracking chips, traditional in-store infrared foot-traffic counters, cellular and Wi-Fi tracking systems, digital signage, a kiosk, or even a customer's mobile device.

With this reach, retailers have ample opportunity to extract information about their consumer groups and deliver the best possible customer experience. It's pointless, however, to have access to this information if you can't use it.  This means that suitable systems have to be in place. As Dynamics 365 combines traditional CRM capabilities with Azure, it enables the organization to gather and analyze real-time data to respond to customer demand; use preference information to up-sell and give automatic discounts to frequent shoppers. It will even offer consumers special birthday promotions.

Customer Self-Service Applications

In the era of digital transformation, it's frustrating for customers to pick up the phone and call the manufacturer if they need some information. When customer/partner portals are connected to a singular application like Microsoft Dynamics 365, manufacturers can provide customers with a way to log inquiries, search for a solution, or get a status update on their request.

System Usability

Internal system users are no different than customers who prefer self-service applications to picking up the telephone. Internal users want updated systems that help them improve job performance. Updated systems typically provide greater insight, flexibility, and speed that allows employees to utilize the applications to perform their job more effectively and efficiently. This allows employees to use the system as a tool to complete their job rather than slow them down.

However, the existing AS/400 systems that many in the manufacturing industry continue to utilize cannot provide the user experience that today's workers demand.

There are many possible solutions available to manufacturing firms looking to provide a superior user experience. For example, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (field service, customer service, project service) and Field Service Mobile solutions provide an updated user interface experience, greater flexibility based on business processes in various business units and gives users the capability to work remotely — including offline capabilities on laptops and smart devices.

These are just a few of the challenges faced by manufacturers and retailers today. Fortunately, there are applications that they can utilize to satisfy customers' needs and expectations, offering the functionality and data they need to succeed in the market.

Be it marketing, customer service or project service automation Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be the answer to some of your greatest concerns. As an end-to-end corporate solution, it offers you many tools designed specifically for businesses with production and supply chain management.

If you are a retailer looking to implement Dynamics 365 don't think twice. Contact us right away and you'll be in safe hands on the road to growth and success.

For more details of what Microsoft Dynamics 365 can do for you and how you can augment your business with the latest technology, contact us.  The entire team at Korcomptenz is dedicated to offering the ideal solution to meet your short and long term needs.

Nirmal Ephraim

ERP Functional Consultant

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