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Think Big, Plan Smart.

There’s a good chance that your company’s main objective is to develop a sustainable business plan that enables double- and triple-digit growth. For most businesses, technology is a means to an end. You aim to manage the business and maintain the quality of your products and service offerings at the highest possible standards. You continuously are looking for solutions that optimize efficiencies and help minimize disruptions coming from technology changes and enhance your customer and vendor experience. If this is the case, Korcomptenz can help with our Managed IT Services. You Focus on your CORE requirements, while we focus on your technology needs.

Think Big Plan Smart

Your “IT Guy” or MSP Vs a Real professional IT Managed Service Provider

If you are experiencing rapid growth, you probably need more than your average “IT guy” taking care of your technology and digital transformation needs. It’s our mission to earn your business and trust as a true Managed IT Service Provider. In addition to supporting the day to day operations of your business, our focus is on providing solutions that transform your organization into a true digital enterprise, keeping you current, competitive, and ahead of your competition.

All of Your IT Needs Under One Umbrella

Managed Service Provider

What is a MSP or Managed Service Provider?

managed service provider (MSP) delivers network, application, system and e-management services across a network to multiple enterprises, using a “pay as you go” pricing model. A “pure play” MSP focuses on management services as its core offering. In addition, the MSP market includes offerings from other providers — including application service providers (ASPs), Web hosting providers and network service providers (NSPs) — that supplement their traditional offerings with management services.

Managed Service Provider Vs Your “IT Guy”

Work Hours + Availability

Work Hours Availability

Whether a direct employee or a consultant, chances are your IT guy only works 40 hours per week, or less if they aren’t full time. It’s also likely that they can only address one item at a time, and that most of their time is spent on troubleshooting and maintenance, making sure your systems are up and running rather than planning for the future.

A Managed IT Service Provider ( MSP ) has multiple resources available, however, and can support multiple workstreams, ensuring your paying as much attention to current and future infrastructure technology needs. The “pay as you go” model enables you to tailor the resources available to your unique needs, balancing immediate issues with long term investments in your success.

Skillset Limitations

Skillset Limitations

Your IT Guy is probably an expert in one, or at most a handful, of technologies, but the IT landscape is so vast and rapidly evolving they are unlikely to be aware of all the possibilities or be capable of making strategic recommendations across your business. This can cause your business to become stuck with old or underperforming technologies.

Because an IT Managed Service Provider works with multiple clients and specializes in delivering results-oriented services, they are more in-tune with the latest developments, and more able to evaluate the pros and cons of investing in new systems. An MSP is ideally positioned to identify and estimate newer, higher performing solutions, helping you look 3-5 years into the future and develop a plan to make sure your technology keeps pace with your business.

Support is Key

Support is Key

Even when your IT guy has the hours available and the technology skills to drive meaningful change in your organization, there are practical limitations on the ability to support your current infrastructure while implementing the next generation. Plus, if something unforeseen happens, they might not have the experience to fix it effectively, resulting in potential downtime and lost revenue.

A managed IT services provider, however, has the resources and skills to flawlessly support multiple tasks with little to no downtime and the experience to resolve issues quickly and effectively. The benefits of managed IT services let your business be up and running at all times, preventing revenue loss and dissatisfied customers.

The Speed, Volume, Agility, and Complexity of Technology changes in today’s digital age implying that your “IT Guy” cannot do it all.

Signs of when you know you need to have a new Partner – A Managed IT Service Provider than depending on “your IT Guy”

SMB Infrastructure Management

Get Started with a Complementary Consultation

When you choose KORCOMPTENZ, an IT managed service provider, to implement an enterprise resource planning application, develop your new website, manage your email and cloud-infrastructure, or launch a custom mobile application, you can count on our commitment to deliver the very best.

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