How Chatbots Boost Sales and Revenue Using Conversational AI


Chatbots are AI-enabled conversational tools designed to interact with customers without the need for a human being. Modern chatbots are powered by sophisticated machine learning platforms, allowing them to recognize human behavior, communicating naturally, and continuously improve customer experiences. Businesses leveraging chatbots can enhance their end-to-end customer service process by answering customers’ questions automatically and leverage that improvement in experience to boost sales even further.

Organizations are widely implementing AI-enabled chatbots to boost customer service and improve sales. And according to Forbes, the adoption rate of AI chatbots grew by 67 percent between 2018-2020. Business leaders report that chatbots typically improve sales by 67 percent, an essential aspect of a company’s earnings. Also, 69 percent of customers choose chatbots as an effective customer service channel.

This means that one of the best things you can do right now to increase sales is to use chatbots to improve customer experience. Enterprises providing enhanced customer experience can easily increase their earnings or revenues when 86 percent of consumers are eager to pay 13 percent to 18 percent more for an enhanced customer experience.

Before we delve deeper, let’s explore how chatbots boost sales and increase revenue.

Before we delve deeper, let’s explore how chatbots boost sales and increase revenue.

Before we delve deeper, let’s explore how chatbots boost sales and increase revenue.

Conversational commerce: Conversational commerce lets your customers feel like they’re communicating with a real individual. Well-designed AI chatbots provide enhanced customer experience, make shopping simpler, and improve sales conversions. Chatbots are fast and answers questions in real-time. As per HubSpot, 47 percent of customers are keen to purchase items via chatbots.

Round-the-clock customer engagement: AI chatbots never sleep, communicating round-the-clock with global customers in multiple time zones, offering your products, and completing sales processes with out the need for a human sales rep. 

Omnichannel presence: Chatbots make your business more easily approachable by operating on numerous platforms including social media, instant messaging apps, online portals, SMS, and so on. 

Uniform customer experience: Chatbots interact with your audiences in a similar voice and tone that fits your brand, offering products or services in a friendly manner, improving CX, and increasing the likelihood of generating new sales. 

No language obstacle: Conduct sales communications in various languages using chatbots. With bots, you’ll won’t need a sales rep that speaks 10 languages.  A single AI chatbot can engage more global customers. 

Automation: Chatbots answer FAQs, carry out customer satisfaction polls, and provide useful insights that you can use later to optimize your sales process. 

Chatbots Are Essential for Revenue Growth

Chatbots help in shortening customer service response times as well as improve customer satisfaction. It helps your company to create a loyal customer base that generates more revenue. Here is how: 

Improved customer service: Chatbots resolve your customer’s problems quickly and at the same time minimize workloads from your support reps.  They also improve your service level agreements by responding automatically and solving customer issues faster. 

Enhanced sales: Chatbots improve customer experience that matters for your bottom line. Improve your possibilities of selling and acquiring additional customers using chatbots. Research shows that 55 percent of companies implementing chatbots have generated an increased number of high-quality leads. 

Reduced costs: With chatbots, you can get in touch with numerous customers at the same time, thus replacing several human reps and saving valuable time required to address challenges or sell your products. Reduce the number of human agents, lower your operating hours, cut back on office space, and improve operational costs. 

Sell Your Products or Services Innovatively Using AI Chatbots

You can use chatbots like a catalog to display your products/services with more innovation to engage your customers. Here is how:

Create entire sales funnels: Build sales funnels triggered by customer queries with the aid of conversational AI from chatbot answers to the redirection of buyers to other data shown through text, imageries, videos, and even inquiries or forms within the chatbot or to a CRM software, reservation systems, or direct orders. 

QR code or Link: You can use a QR code or link to a specific component such as data, form, etc. within the chatbot on a particular webpage. Use it to direct buyers anywhere offline and online to the desired result with a simple scan or a click.

Several forms: You can use numerous forms within the chatbot for inquiry, registration, order, and consultation to collate data and consumer feedback, and then use the information for marketing and sales purposes. For example, a leading beauty retail chain uses its chatbot to help shoppers book products at a neighorhood store, thus making it simpler for them to look for and buy a particular product. 

Buttons in a chatbot: Use buttons within the chatbot with some link to files, forms, videos, PDFs, and other sources of data online to direct buyers to files or tutorials for learning how to use a specific product/service. 

Why Korcomptenz?

Korcomptenz will help you use chatbots in the best possible way to market your products or services, boost sales, and increase revenue. Our consultants will design bespoke chatbots to help you drive customer engagement and generate more sales. Request a free consultation today.


Chatbots are the game-changer for businesses communicating with their customers. These AI-powered tools improve customer experience and also act as a sales tool to engage prospective clients anytime and anywhere.

Retailers can make the most of chatbot technology. According to a digital technology market research firm, over 70 percent of chatbots will be available on retailers’ websites to assist with marketing and sales and cut back costs by the year 2023. And conversational commerce through chatbot technology will touch the $112 billion mark by this year.

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