Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (Iot) is simple in concept: All devices, often referred to as “smart” devices, are connected to the internet, providing real time data and enabling the next generation of automation. For example, a manufacturing company can determine exactly where products are in the shipment process and can take measurements of key attributes to prevent spoilage or other issues. In practice, the implementations are complex and demand a high level of expertise across multiple technologies from your partner. What type of IoT devices should you use? What technology platform should connect them? What attributes do you need to measure? What is the process to tag the product with the IoT device? Interest in IoT solutions is experiencing a boom, even though actual IoT adoption by companies is still in its infancy, Korcomptenz is taking steps necessary to correctly establish and grow an IoT practice with Microsoft Cloud with prime focus in Manufacturing and Retail.

Internet Of Things

How IoT Can Help Your Organization Keep Customers Coming Back for More

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Barriers To IoT

Barriers To IoT
    Secure transmission of data
    Integration with existing technologies

    Timeline around return on investment
Invent new business with the leader in IoT
Invent new lines of business with the leader in IoT

Build new industry solutions, improve productivity, and reduce waste with Azure IoT—and quickly process massive quantities of data from all kinds of IoT devices using AI and machine learning.

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Path to new IoT business opportunities
Navigating the path to new IoT business opportunities

Smart, connected products offer tremendous opportunities for manufacturers to improve their operations, create new customer experiences, and open up entirely new lines of revenue

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Digital Transformation & IoT

While IoT is valuable to a wide variety of businesses from consumer to industrial, a number of key use cases have evolved for organizations that use distributed systems, collect a large quantity of data, or have complex logistical needs. These services have proven to be successful by combining tested technology and a strategic approach that advances the needs of your business.

Benefits of Digital Transformation & IoT
  • Engage customers
    Customized experiences Analytics capabilities Integrate data
  • Enable your employees
    Employee productivity Automate repetitive tasks Connected employees
  • Optimize your operations
    Intelligent predictions Operational efficiency Deep insights
  • Transform your products
    Product innovation Differentiated experiences New scenarios

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Special Areas

Korcomptenz specializes in IoT by combining devices and technology platforms from leading providers, helping organizations connect key systems, collect data, and automate critical operations.

Special Areas of IoT

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