Create More Connected Employee Experiences

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Human Resources was originally called Dynamics 365 Talent. Along with the change in name, there has also been a change in the key focus areas of the software from Talent and hiring to more HR-related tasks. With Dynamics 365 HR you can create a work environment that helps your teams enrich their skill and make better contributions to the organization.

It simplifies and optimizes benefits, compensation, leave and absence, certifications and training, and compliance programs, empowers managers with team performance data, helping optimize team impact, and address any immediate concerns and reduces organizational complexity with administration that accurately reflects organization structures, hierarchies, and job descriptions.

Create More Connected Employee Experiences

Key Benefits Of Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources offers a variety of benefits.

Key Benefits Of Dynamics 365 Human Resources
  • Transform employee experiences
    Foster employee services, enable self-service and help employees grow all on one single platform.

  • Optimize HR Programs
    Manage Leave & Absence, benefits, compensations and deliver payrolls, budgets and tax fillings by integrating with payroll providers and using Dynamics 365 Finance for comprehensive OPEX tracking.
  • Increase Organizational Ability
    You can easily customize and tailor the solution for your use with the help of Microsoft Power Platform all while ensuring security and with a clear image of the hierarchical structure thus reducing complexity.
  • Discover Workforce Insights
    Analyze and track your HR Programs with the help of Power BI and integrate your Dynamics 365 HR Module with your existing systems and partner applications in order to get a 360-degree view of insights and in turn make better and more informed decisions.

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Dynamics 365 Human Resources Capabilities

Dynamics 365 Human Resources Capabilities

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