Can your business benefit from a 37% increase in revenue?


While the statistic is provided by Salesforce (visit their ROI calculator), you’ll find similarly promising metrics reported across the marketing technology spectrum.It’s not uncommon to see 73% of marketers describe email campaign return on investment as “good” or “excellent,” or 72% say the same of SEO. There are also notable productivity, collaboration, and big data benefits as well, making it difficult to separate fact from fiction and determine where to invest your hard-earned marketing dollars. With the right marketing technology solutions and strategic approach, businesses can increase revenue by capitalizing on the proven ROI potential of various marketing channels and tactics.

The rapid pace of change and the proliferation of new products only increase the challenge. It can be impossible to say what to do with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning if you’re still working on implementing an automated marketing platform or launching your first mobile app. However, incorporating advanced technologies strategically can significantly increase business revenue and drive growth in today’s competitive landscape. Chances are you’ll end up with more questions than answers. Perhaps you’re wondering:

KORCOMPTENZ can help answer these questions with a strategic vision, deep technology experience, and a commitment to long-term value. We’ve developed a marketing technology adoption approach that begins with building a strong foundation and then expanding your reach into the techniques with the highest possible ROI for your business. We deliver on this promise with a combination of turnkey and specialized marketing technology services backed by our deep business knowledge and rich access to resources.

Our comprehensive solutions are designed to increase business revenue by leveraging advanced marketing technologies, optimizing processes, and driving customer engagement.

We invite you to explore our marketing technology services and schedule a consultation to learn how we can increase your revenue and return on investment and lower your total cost of ownership by engaging customers and prospects and accelerating your growth.

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