5 Ways to Achieve Student Success with Data


The expectations of the parents on the success and performance of their children are increasing every year. This in turn puts pressure on educational institutions to provide service that will give value to the cost paid by the parents while also ensuring student success.

With this increase in demand, the need for tools that help students achieve success are increasing. Fortunately, the tools required are now becoming increasingly available and more and more powerful as well.

Proactive institutions now use cloud-based tools to manage classroom and administrative responsibilities while also satisfying the constituents evolving needs.

What are the challenges faced by educational institutions?

One of the biggest challenges that all educational institutions face is how to successfully manage all interactions and communications with an individual across an educational institution. Below are five of the most common hurdles that educational institutions encounter while managing their relationship with their constituents and the ways in which Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation can help in overcoming this hurdle.

One of the important relationships which an educational institution must maintain to ensure student success is the relationship with external constituents such as alumni, recruiting agencies and more. Maintaining a good relationship with the alumni will ensure that your current students might gain access to better career opportunities, or even gain access to good mentorship opportunities which will help them enrich their future career. Similarly good relationships with reputed recruiting agencies will ensure that your students are placed in good jobs when they graduate.

All of this can be done with the implementation of a good CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365, which can help you keep track of all your interactions with your external constituents as well as data related to them ensuring that your every interaction with them is meaningful and consistent.

For educational institutions, students are the most important aspect. Better helping students access the resources, help and guidance they need to succeed is an important part of your institution’s administrative activities. But inefficient processes put more burden on the students and in turn affect their performance. This is where a Customer Relationship Management solution (CRM) or a student relationship management solution in this case can help.

Detailed student information plays a critical role to keep students engaged and choose best classes and degree programs for their future. Outdated systems can be replaced, and incomplete systems can be augmented to ensure that faculty and staff have the right information to provide help to students, increasing retention and graduation rates. With the right CRM system students’ progress can be tracked towards degree completion by analyzing grades, GPA, Class schedules and moreover leading to degree performance, advancement, and more successful alumni.

A flexible ticketing system is crucial to any educational undertaking. Ticketing system gives IT, student services, facilities maintenance, residence life, and other help desk agents the ability to track, escalate and resolve issues and requests that come up. Integration with other systems offers consistent data to improve the experience for administrators and students alike such as by automatically populating fields with accurate contact information based on a student ID number or email address. With a robust ticketing system, status of the ticket can be tracked from open to close including approval processes.

Student success is built upon the foundation of engaged and supported faculty members. With a reliable CRM system, educators and staff members can be managed. Furthermore, it can help in improvising faculty performance by tracking performance evaluations and student surveys. Through the CRM system, we can also activate notifications and remediation processes for any faculty members who aren’t meeting minimum requirements.

The Right CRM Partner for your EdTech Needs:

To meet the expectations of the EdTech Industry, cloud-based tools are mandatory to manage administrative responsibilities. Previously, “software as a service” was primarily used by large businesses to manage their relationships with customers. As a result, data and communications are soiled within departments, resulting in duplicated and incomplete information. Microsoft dynamics CRM systems provide data in real time and help users visualize the information so that it can contribute to better decision making. Through CRM systems, every EdTech activity can be tracked.

Conclusion- The pay off

Educational institutions are often large, complex organizations with many moving parts. Ultimately maintaining the network of relationships serves the students by helping them with a world- class education that can take them into a broad, enriching career. Ensure success throughout the entire student life cycle with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to create optimum student results. Korcomptenz, a Microsoft Gold Partner is on the mission to empower both the students and teachers to achieve more with EdTech solutions that will help to better connect, collaborate and create a better future for everyone. Request a consultation today.

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