Claim Management streamlined to focus on supplying high quality seafood

Read how we helped Pescatlantic Group, the sashimi supplier to the leading restaurants in optimizing their claim process by building a solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


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Technology Used

Dynamics 365 BC, Finance & Warehouse Management, Purchase & Sales

The Seafood industry continues to grow and contribute to the growing food supply for human consumption; but, as it expands, it encounters new obstacles. Our client is a specialist in yellowfin, bluefin and big eye tuna supplies to restaurants.

Despite the fact that we are in this new era of technological development and there are numerous opportunities to conserve and improve the fish and the fish industry, a lot of fishing suppliers are left behind in technological advancement that become a significant barrier to their success.

Our client however, wanted to be ahead of the curve and hence looked to upgrade to a better ERP because their present system couldn’t help them catch up with their growing needs. To solve their business challenges Korcomptenz upgraded them to Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central with appropriate customizations.

Claim Management

By extending the existing pricing capability within Dynamics 365 Business Central, Korcomptenz delivered an effective solution that included leveraging the capabilities of D365 Business Central and the customized Claim Management Solution. 

This newly developed solution assisted them in updating their daily price, calculating their weekly price, and tracking imported purchases.

Explore this case study to see how Korcomptenz helped their client modernize their systems by using Microsoft Business solutions and being instrumental in accomplishing the following:

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