Which ERP is best to invest and why to consider Microsoft Dynamics 365?


Top Reasons to Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365

The role of an ERP system is to automate the key processes of your department, thereby ensuring considerable savings in both time and cost. In fact, having the right ERP system is critically important to ensure that your business processes are in perfect sync, thereby ensuring a balanced and assured growth of your organization. Though there are several ERP packages available in the market with different flavors of functionality, it should be noted that all ERP packages come with the same core functionality. However, these minor differences play a pivotal role in deciding whether the system is appropriate or inappropriate to your organization in terms of various parameters like user experience, cost, process synchronization and adaptability.

Now, choosing the best ERP partner entirely depends on your individual business requirements, based on certain factors. Now, let’s consider these factors to arrive at the right decision.

Functionality & Flexibility

Most companies focus on functionality, rather than other typical factors that are more important. Try focusing on an ERP partner that fits your business. This implies that the ERP software should have been already installed in similar companies of your size within your industry. And another factor is the flexibility of the functionality. The best solution will enable you to tailor the functions and procedures easily without the need of any programmers. In other words, the software should be user-friendly, wherein the look and feel of the system must fit with the way the users work on a day to day basis. If you have a tough time navigating and working with the system, chances are that your company’s employees would revert to the old spreadsheets and archaic procedures, thereby defeating the very purpose of having a new ERP system.

Functionality & Flexibility

Product Maturity

Though “latest” may be a great jargon word to hear, you should also consider looking for a system that has been thoroughly used and proven to solve the core business paradigms. A reputed ERP partner like Microsoft would continuously update its products to ensure that the latest technology and functionality is being incorporated to make it more usable and supportive. In fact, the best way to assess the ERP maturity is to set up a frank discussion with users, who have been using it currently to get a genuine feedback. They should frankly tell how good it is, the frequency of updates and whether the updates are really serving the purpose or not.


This is the most important aspect that has a real bearing on your decision making process. Considering that your size of business is small, you may opt for an ERP consultant who fits within your budget. However, you should also understand that the best price doesn’t really mean the best ERP solution.

Latest technology

Choose a system that is based on the latest technology, providing greater longevity in the long run, making a better investment.

After sales/customer support

Buying or implementing a great ERP system is not the end of the story. You should also look for a reliable certified partner, who can provide customer support at all times, particularly whenever there are new product upgrades without disrupting your existing technological or functional landscape.

Good customer references

This is one of the important aspects to gauge the standing of the product vendor in the ERP market. Get a complete customer reference guide to know the existing list of customers, who are currently using the ERP and how this software is helping in process optimization and business maturity. Though, every customer has their own unique requirements, branding and customer credibility have a long way to go to decide on the best ERP.

Good customer references

Having pointed out the key parameters for choosing the right ERP partner, the next question that arises is which ERP software that I need to shortlist. ERP software like SAP, Infor and Oracle may sound great in business circles, but from a small or a medium company setup, Microsoft Dynamics ERP could be a great game changer, particularly for companies looking for small investment. From integrating with simple business applications like Office 365 to complex background processes, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers complete flexibility in terms of functionality, user experience and above all fits your budget.

As a single, end-to-end application, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers:

Why Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Integration with Microsoft Office

Within the familiar Microsoft Office tools like Outlook, Word and Excel, organizations using Business Central can finally integrate their complete business systems as well as data and convert them into powerful and actionable insights for the business.

Microsoft Excel with Dynamics 365

Within Dynamics 365, you can easily update the complete set of records in Excel Online, analyze data quickly and also generate complex reports as long as the data in Excel remains connected to the platform.

Word with Dynamics 365

You can tap into Microsoft Word using word templates available in Dynamics 365, making it easier for you to design a layout of a document as you would. Apart from that, you can easily merge customer data into a word template to create summaries.

Outlook with Dynamics 365

With Dynamics 365 integration with Outlook, you can easily track emails, view information about sales activities with a single click, create dynamic records, create activity lists in response to emails and more.

SharePoint with Dynamics 365

When SharePoint is integrated with Dynamics 365, you would be able to save precious database space and minimize data storage.


Using OneNote with Dynamics 365 offers you the ability to make and edit notes within an activity wall record – both on the web and mobile apps for chosen entities.

How can Korcomptenz be your reliable ERP partner?

Korcomptenz can be your reliable ERP partner for implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solution due to its high level of expertise and technical competency, coupled with a state-of-the-art infrastructural setup. With an impeccable track record of implementing medium and large scale ERP implementations across the core industry verticals, we offer complete assistance right from initial assessment study to final roll-out. To know more, talk to our consultants or click here to schedule a demo.

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