Salesforce: Differentiating Korcomptenz from other vendors in the market


Key differentiating factors that make Korcomptenz the perfect partner for your Salesforce needs

Salesforce is the most popular CRM in the market by a large margin. Its ever-increasing popularity means that there are multiple vendors offering Salesforce implementation solutions for Salesforce. Most of these vendors offer a range of solutions such as implementation, configuration, and customization. In many cases, vendors can seem almost the same, but it’s extremely important to select the right partner to take advantage of the full capabilities of the platform and maximize your return on investment. This blog focuses on the key differentiating factors that make Korcomptenz your perfect partner for Salesforce implementations, customizations, and support.

Certified Partner

Certified Partner1

Korcomptenz has been in operation since 2003 and is widely recognized as a reputed brand in sales, marketing, and service technology. We offer a range of implementation and support services that could help your business in streamlining sales, service, and marketing processes. One of the most important features of any Salesforce implementation vendor is their authenticity. Knowing that they can be trusted to deliver on their promises and have been vetted by Salesforce and other companies.

Korcomptenz scores high in this regard. In addition to being a Salesforce consulting partner, we are also a Microsoft Gold PartnerKentico Gold Partner, Acquia Partner, Mautic Certified Reseller, and an Automation Anywhere partner. This means that our solutions have been certified across key aspects of your technology stack.

Vast Capabilities

Korcomptenz has superior capabilities to support Salesforce implementation solutions. In addition to technical expertise on the Salesforce platform, we have strategic resources in-house that collaborate with our customers to define processes, identify areas for improvement, create a strategic plan, and ensure the customer’s vision is met. These teams provide support across the Salesforce ecosystem, ensuring that your business does not have to worry about any aspect of the implementation process. We also have international and multisite experience, giving us the skills to support your Salesforce implementation whether you are looking at a single site or multi-site operations. Our goal is to support you throughout the implementation value chain by providing consulting services, timely and accurate deployment support, and integration services.

Personalization and Customization

Korcomptenz offers a great degree of personalization when it comes to Salesforce implementation this includes the way we engage with our customers and how we customize Salesforce.

1. We offer personalized engagement options, including fixed costs, time and materials, partial and dedicated resources, with flexible teams based on the resources our customers need to be successful. Our engagement models are based on our customer’s unique needs, timeline expectations, and in-house resources, ensuring that our team services as the optimal fit for your engagement.

Personalization and Customization

As one of our customers recently told us, “Through my time working with Korcomptenz they have provided extensive and extra efforts to bring top notch service to our organization. They’ve invested themselves and became one of our team members as their goal is to see us be nothing but, successful. Korcomptenz has helped me become a better admin in my org; as every meeting is a chance to learn as they want you to be involved in every aspect to provide a seamless experience. The efforts to ensure the we as the customer understand technical and non-technical aspects of projects and always deliver a collaborative solution. I’m very thankful for Korcomptenz as they’ve help not only build a success with projects but, to also build better admins and developers they work with as partners.”

2. Customers also have the ability to customize their Salesforce edition, user accounts, workflows, notifications, dashboards, and more, even building out new apps and custom functionality in collaboration with Korcomptenz. These customizations could prove to be the key differentiating factor that allows you to outpace your competition in the market. Our team helps organizations execute high-quality implementations and customizations. Korcomptenz allows your business to accelerate results by ensuring that you make the most of all Salesforce features.

Data Integration

The company also offers advanced data integration expertise that differentiates it from the other vendors that are active in the market. Korcomptenz’s team of experts could help your business in integrating your data from different sources such as ERP software, POS solutions, mobile apps, and web interfaces.

Data integration

In addition, our experience with data integration across technology platforms enables your agents to view all leads, prospects, and customer information in a single place. This helps you in speed up your sales conversion cycles and improving business efficiency.

Maintenance and Upgrade Support

In addition to implementation support, Korcomptenz also helps you achieve your business goals by keeping your system up to date. Our support team notifies you of the new updates released by Salesforce from time to time, thereby making sure that you are not missing out on the latest benefits of using the solution. For example, we keep you updated about the latest developments in Einstein AI and how your business stands to gain from the technological advancements offered by the Salesforce team. These updates could pave the way for your business to realize its true growth potential.


Korcomptenz can radically improve your sales, marketing, and service operations by helping you to get the best out of Salesforce. Our team of experts can help your business in realizing its true potential. For more information related to our Salesforce implementation offerings, please contact us.

Korcomptenz is a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner. We’ve been in business for almost 17 years and can get you started on Salesforce by procuring the software, implementing and customizing the platform, importing and integrating your data, and providing full service support. Our seasoned teams of strategic thinkers also help map out your business processes and implement them in Salesforce, all at very cost-effective price points.

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