Project Description

About The Client : Leading Manufacturing Company

This leading Manufacturing Client is a pioneer in the industry and markets its products in over 120 countries . With approximately 15,000 dedicated employees in more than 40 countries worldwide and its brand presence in more than 120 countries, with vendors and customers and 20 plus factories worldwide, the customer uses Microsoft Dynamics AX for all its business operations.


The Clients Time and Expense payments journals were created in AX manually every month, in all the divisions. This was time-consuming and required a lot of manual work.

Payment reports – AP user to compare each payment transaction reports in the third party application & Dynamics AX. Manual processing errors led to over-payments or missed payments to employees.

USA, Europe (with VAT), Asia Pacific regions had different tax methods.


This client used a third party application to manage employee Travel & Expenses (T&E) for all their global locations. Employees log their travel and expenses into the application for approval, approved transactions are then exported into excel (or as a report) and entered into Dynamics AX 2009 for payment processing.This workflow made Account payable team run through two different systems for payment processing. While the clients global policy was to migrate all their location into Dynamics AX 2009, this workflow adherence meant increase in employee count every year for different geographic locations. There was more time spent by the clients Account payable team, as they would have to manage more resources and require more time in processing payments every month. The following scenarios in handling business & personal expenses were implemented in AX:

  • Cash – Business Only

  • Cash – Personal expense

  • Credit Card – Personal Only

  • Credit Card – Business Only

  • Credit Card Business & Personal expenses


This report helped the company’s management team finalize on their next-generation financial, vendor, and project management software. In addition to ensuring an optimal fit for the organization’s process and reporting needs, Korcomptenz helped identify a solution that can:

T & E management interface & automation is more efficient between the two systems.

Complete automation in Dynamics AX reduced man power requirements in all the regions. North America & Europe divisions are now handled by only two resources.

Location specific ledger integrations, tax calculations, financial dimensions validations and expenses code validations have been made automatic.

Configuring this interface for new divisions is made simple. The AP clerk can configure the setup for any new division.

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