Is your Dynamics AX environment running optimally?


It’s probably time for your annual Dynamics AX health check!

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP is a critical application to successfully manage your business. Korcomptenz can pro-actively perform your regularly scheduled Microsoft Dynamics AX Health Check and identify potential application configuration and performance issues to help you achieve maximize up-time and performance for your system.

As part of the Health Check, our Dynamics AX experts and Microsoft Dynamics 365  implementation partner will review your infrastructure, hardware, and product configuration, and provide you with an easy to read, detailed analysis of your overall system performance.

Here are a few reasons that a given Microsoft Dynamics AX environment may not perform at its best and require some tweaks for optimal performance.

Management and Deployment of Code

Dynamics AX is an extendable platform, and it performs consistently well without custom code. It’s very rare, however, that an ‘Off-The-Shelf’ ERP platform is used without customizations to specific business requirements and processes. With our expertise as a Microsoft Dynamics implementation partner, establishing well-defined standards and processes for the development, management, and deployment of these customizations becomes of paramount importance.

AX System Architecture

Batch Jobs and Servers

Setting up an AX Server configuration to support batch jobs effectively can be a difficult task. Knowing when to create different batch groups, when to add a dedicated AOS for batching, determining how many threads to dedicate to AOS batch work, and managing batch jobs takes experience. If any of these items are not set up optimally, you can experience issues with batch jobs not completing within the time frame you need or taking longer than desired to finish.

User Security

Designating more users as System Administrators gives them full access to the system. This means they can access any data in the system and they can view and modify Dynamics AX objects including tables and code. The lower the number of users with System Administrator privileges, the better it is for the system.

Database Server Configuration

The database server is the backbone of your system because it manages the entire organizational data and application setup. The configuration of your database server can significantly impact the performance of your system. Collaborating with adept Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants, you can optimize your database server’s setup. Configurations such as not separating out your data, log, and tempdb storage, and the setup of tempdb files can cause significant performance issues.

Application and/or Client Crashes

It’s extremely important that application or client crashes are monitored and a resolution for the crashes is identified and applied. If left unresolved, the crashes can cause usage data and cache file corruption. These affect performance in the long run.

Logging Tables

Dynamics AX holds log data and transaction histories that are not needed after a certain amount of time. A procedure to purge data from these tables can help to maintain optimal performance around batch jobs and service calls. Engaging experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants, you can implement a systematic process to prune data from these tables. 

These are some of the key reasons for less than optimal performance that we can analyze at the application level, along with more other technical aspects, that as part of your Health-Check. Our Unique Health-Check process also looks at the hardware and networking aspects of your Microsoft Dynamics AX infrastructure environment to identify and fix any other potential issues.

Explore our Microsoft Dynamics services, and contact us to engage experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants from Korcomptenz. We are looking forward to a consultation to address your unique needs.

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