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Revolutionize your operations through innovative web and mobile technologies

Revolutionize your operations through innovative web and mobile technologies including a Microsoft certified partner. A high-performance custom web or mobile application solution begins with the right technology architecture and cloud-first infrastructure. Modern apps are built from the ground up to be faster to run and more flexible to support, using sophisticated build pipelines, orchestration, and containerization to run seamlessly in the cloud while remaining upgradeable on demand. The use of microservices, a decoupled architecture, and event logging enables organizations to access and run key services from anywhere, driving innovation and reducing complexity in your organization. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and an Amazon Web Services partner, Korcomptenz specialized in designing enterprise grade next generation applications that include best practices for security, sustainability, scalability, and performance.

Decoupled Application Architecture

Korcomptenz, a Microsoft Certified Partner specializes in decoupled architectures powered by microservices that separates the display layer from the business logic and back-end data. This modern approach allows organizations to call key services from other allowed applications without the need to replicate code or data. Best-in-class architectures also include a messaging and events module for integration with Business Process Management or other software as needed in the future.

Decoupled Application Architecture

Big Business Benefits

Big Business Benefits

Development Platforms and Supporting Services

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Korcomptenz specializes in a wide range of web and mobile platforms and their supporting services, enabling us to tailor our solution to your unique technology stack.

Item Description
Application Development Languages
PHP, Python, C#, ASP.NET
Front End / Display Layer Languages
ReactJS, AngularJS
Database Platforms
MySQL & MS SQL Server
Programming Frameworks
Laravel, Yii 2.0, CodeIgniter, .NET Core
WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Kentico
Native iOS and Android, ReactNative Hybrid

Infrastructure and Hosting Platform and Supporting Services

Korcomptenz is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Amazon Web Services Partner. We also have experience on proprietary platforms based on your needs as a certified Microsoft partner.

Item Description
Application Hosting
Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services
Database Hosting
Microsoft Azure RDS, Amazon Web Services
Identity Management
Active Directory or as Needed
Application Delivery Platforms
Generalized Kubernetes

Microservices, Rules Engine, and Module-based Independent Service Design

DevOps, Code Management. and Build Pipelines

Modern applications require advanced tools and innovative solutions to rapidly iterate and support growing teams of developers. Our certified DevOps team can configure the right DevOps tools for your application and industry. We specialize in tailoring all DevOps frameworks as a Microsoft Certified Partner to allow your team to innovate swiftly and sustainably.

Item Description
Code Repository and Management
GitHub Actions
Visual Studio Code, Notepad++, Android Studio, XCode
Project Management

Application Security

Partnering with Microsoft, Korcomptenz draws on extensive experience in highly regulated industries. As a Microsoft certified partner, it also provides peace of mind that your application will be safe and secure regardless of the size or complexity, with our advanced solutions.

Item Description
Transfer Protocol
SSL for all interactions internally and externally
Data Encryption
Encrypted database fields where required
Audit Trail
Comprehensive list of all transactions in the system
Application and database logging at the platform level (14 days of log storage)
Third Party Access
OAUTH or other approved authentication method for all web services and other third party transactions

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