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Modern businesses run on a mobile apps for key sales, service, collaboration, and other needs

Modern business is mobile. Your employees are geographically dispersed, your customers are on the move, and many people work directly from their phones for common tasks from checking email to generating a new quote on a potentially big deal.
Korcomptenz’s enterprise mobility solutions allow businesses to take advantage of the latest technologies to mobilize their workforce, optimize their operations, and accelerate their results. We combine almost 17 years of experience on leading platforms from best-in-class providers like Microsoft and Salesforce to deploy solutions that advance the specific needs of your business from customer service to warehouse operations.

Solve Business Challenges + Gain Competitive Advantage

Korcomptenz’s proven enterprise mobility solution can help take your organization to the next level by addressing your internal needs, customer engagement, and vendor management.

Operational Efficiency Customer Engagement Vendor Management
Mobilize key functions like sales, service and field service, and accounting, or deploy apps to better manage warehouses, shipments, and supply chains
Deliver invoices, contracts, and provide services directly to customers on their mobile devices, reaching them wherever they are on whatever device they use
Process purchase orders, pay invoices, and perform other critical tasks for partners and vendors on the move

Key Features + Solutions

Korcomptenz specializes in deploying solutions that meet the individual needs of our customers, leveraging best-in-class technologies from Microsoft, Salesforce, and other providers.
Industries We Serve

Key Technologies

KORCOMPTENZ can develop enterprise mobile apps on numerous platforms depending on the software your business uses. Customer solutions are available as well.

Platform Apps
Apps built with tools provided by your ERP and CRM software tack
Platform Apps
Hybrid Apps
Apps developed using “write once, run anywhere” technology for use on all devices
Hybrid Apps
Native Apps
Apps developed for their native mobile platform and designed for maximum performance
Native Apps

Geofencing + Beacons

Next generation geofencing and beacon technology allows your app to be aware of the devices location and trigger actions based on your unique business needs including recognizing nearby facilities, generating targeted notifications, or mapping team members in the field. The possibilities are unlimited for internal and external engagement.

Push Notifications + Messaging

Mobile apps can also be used to engage customers and associates with targeted, customized messaging that provides relevant information and prompts important actions.

Industries We Serve

Korcomptenz provides native iOS and Android or hybrid development across a range of domains and industries.

Industry We Serve

Samples of our Work

Advanced Warehouse Management
Advanced Warehouse Management2

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