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Microsoft Teams for Teamwork

Teamwork is how work gets done. Today, people who work as teams are more likely to be high performers: working faster, iterating quicker, and accomplishing much more than by themselves. As the hub for teamwork in Office 365, Microsoft Teams is the collaboration tool that enables teamwork at all levels of your organization.

The following Infographics explains how Microsoft Teams can be used through the course of a normal working day for an HR professional, a compliance officer, an oncologist, a Senior Product Manager, a Marketing Professional and a Sales representative. All these different types of people use Microsoft Teams to collaborate and communicate all day long and, in the process, develop new products, drive growth, close deals, review policies, and deliver better and more personalized care for patients and customers.

If you’re unsure about how you can use Microsoft Teams in your job, the infographics below can help users educate themselves on how Teams can help streamline their day and make them more productive. No matter what industry, when it comes to teamwork Microsoft Teams has a solution.

1. Microsoft Teams: Day in the life of a Human Resources Professional

In the life of an HR employee, communication is key. They must contact numerous individuals in order to successfully complete their tasks and keep up with the latest news and events of their organization. In the below Infographic, follow Allan as he goes through his day and to find out how you can enrich your own day as an HR professional with Microsoft Teams.

2. Microsoft Teams: Day in the life of a Compliance Officer

Rules, regulations and policies all exist in order to help us lead a comfortable and morally upright life. Unfortunately not everyone is very good at keeping them as strictly as they should. This is where the job of a compliance officer takes the forefront. Follow Diego, as he goes through his day reviewing policies, organizing meetings, and ensuring a safer, better workplace for all with the help of Microsoft Teams.

3. Microsoft Teams: Day in the life of a Healthcare Professional

Our Healthcare professionals work 24/7 diagnosing patients, treating their ailments, and ensuring the good health and welfare of the nation. To do so they need to work together with their fellow doctors, as well as keep regular correspondence with their patients to ensure a correct diagnosis and better treatments. Follow Dr. Thomas as he goes through his day and see how he ensures better and more personalized care for his patients with the help of Microsoft teams.

4. Microsoft Teams: Day in the life of a Finance Professional

All of us work hard to earn money and ensure a comfortable life for our family members. The more revenue growth our company experiences, the more returns we get as well. Follow Adira, as she helps her organization increase their revenue growth by aiding in the development of new financial products and providing personalized services to her customers all with the help of Microsoft Teams.

5. Microsoft Teams: Day in the life of a Marketing Professional

If you are a Marketing Professional, you will know how hectic it is to plan meetings, search for new and interesting content for your campaigns, and keep an efficient track of all the activities which need to be done in order to complete your tasks. Follow Pam, as she does all the above and more with the help of Microsoft Teams.

6. Microsoft Teams: Day in the life of a Sales Manager

Customers are the base of any business and keeping customers satisfied is the primary job of every Sales Professional. Prompt service and efficient communication is necessary in order to ensure the customers continued interest and patronage, which in turn results in increased revenue growth. Follow April through her day as she works to ensure better customer satisfaction with the help of Microsoft Teams.

With Microsoft Teams you’ll unleash the power of teamwork, and Korcomptenz will help you get started on the right foot. We have extensive experience in driving value realization from Microsoft’s teamwork solutions. Our experience with Office 365, including Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, will help you build a culture of teamwork that empowers your employees, while adhering to the growing security and compliance requirements.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you deploy Microsoft teams quickly to switch on the power of teamwork in your organization!

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