Be inspired: Microsoft Inspire recognizes excellence in Microsoft Dynamics solutions


Be inspired: Microsoft Inspire recognizes excellence in Microsoft Dynamics solutions

Not only is the third quarter the start of the fiscal year for many US companies, it also heralds the arrival of the Microsoft Inspire worldwide partner event. The timing of the event is not by accident. It generally takes place in July and kicks off an important time of year when many businesses have fresh budgets to initiate new projects or plan for future expenditure.

Venues for the Inspire event vary and it has been held in Las Vegas, Washington, Houston and New Orleans as well as Toronto in Canada. The list of sponsors is impressive, and participants can look forward to being inspired by industry giants such as Dell, Adobe, Hewlett Packard, Intel and Symantec to name just a few.

We could all use some inspiration from time to time and Inspire is THE opportunity to gain valuable industry insights and move your business forward in the year to come. Many Microsoft partners who attend the event do so every year drawn by the chance to rub shoulders with their peers and discover what prominent speakers have to say about where IT is headed. Breakout sessions that are a firm favorite with attendees who relish the opportunity to pick up in-depth knowledge in a more focused environment.

The insights delegates gain, and the many takeaways help inform their thinking not just at the even itself but for the long-term when they’re back in their own environment. To draw a parallel, you could describe Microsoft’s Inspire event as their version of the CES annual event for developers to show off their latest electronic innovations.

Microsoft Dynamics’ Inner Circle

The annual Inspire event serves as a platform to recognize the achievements of global partners who perform at the very pinnacle of sales of Microsoft products. For example, the Microsoft Dynamics’ Inner Circle highlights the success of Business Application Partners who have excelled with sales of Microsoft Dynamics solutions and have innovated and delivered substantial customer success.

Microsoft Dynamics solutions have an important role to play in the Microsoft eco system and the drive for digital transformation and innovation around the Microsoft cloud. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365, for example, users are empowered to make better decisions with data-driven insights, while building customer relationships and operating more efficiently.

They’re taking advantage of AI-driven workflows to optimize everyday tasks and benefit from increased automation on the route to digital transformation. The key industries Microsoft Dynamics solutions focus on are retail, manufacturing, services, financial services, and the public sector with products aimed at small, medium and large businesses alike.

Could you use a little inspiration?

Just like the attendees at Microsoft Inspire, you could probably use a little inspiration from time to time. Halfway through the year would seem the ideal opportunity to get re-invigorated with fresh ideas and a new perspective on what can still be achieved in the months to come.

That’s one of the reasons Microsoft Inspire is such a huge hit with Microsoft Global partners who travel from all over the globe just to be part of it. They take away new and innovative ideas they can use. So, isn’t it time you also got inspired and initiated a new IT project or did some fresh planning to take your business forward?

Download our whitepaper ” Inspired with you “ and meet us at Inspire to find out the dynamic ways we can partner with you.

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