How to use AI in Dynamics 365 for Sales & Marketing

Dynamics sales and marketing apps are natively integrated in intelligent and when used together automate the process, identifying and nurturing the prospects. Thus, sales and marketing teams can craft more personalized buyer experiences. This is enhanced further with Dynamics 365 sales insights and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights which help you to build in 360 degree view across the customers and integrating data sitting in the other data bases across various aspects of your business and extracting valuable insights that can go relationships and revenue. Infact these insights apps can also be used with your existing sales and marketing solutions.

What are the advantages of deploying Sales Insights and Customer Insights within Dynamics 365 Ecosystem?

As part of the Dynamics 365, the benefits were leveraging bandwidth connection to the services in Microsoft cloud and drive insights using AI. Additionally native integration with Microsoft Power platform allows IT and non-technical automate their day to day processes.

How does it address the Role of modern IT challenges?

IT is driving more impactful transformational changes, the increasing number of tools for communication like email and social media, online and in-person mediums and efficiently determining next best action. This is because the data is spread across different data bases, services, and stores. Once a data is brought together under a schema and it helps technical users to bring query, analysis, and reporting requests. Dynamics 365 provide a solid solution foundation like common data service and common data model as a part of Microsoft power platform.

Connected sales and marketing foundation with Insights Apps

Starting with Dynamics 365 sales it helps to manage end to end sales process from lead to orders. The end user experience with sales hub enjoys perks like webapps which can be used by both desktop and mobile users. It has sales design for both sellers and managers with Customer Management capabilities adding, viewing activities and as well as have access to future opportunities. team management analytics and dashboards. It helps to create customer and prospect list for campaigns. Dynamics 365 marketing brings marketing automation which helps turns prospects to business relationships. With Dynamics 365 marketing we can manage end to end marketing campaign with personalized emails, follow up activities, workflows and more. with dashboards and reports we can track performance of our marketing initiatives. With sales and marketing applications running at the core and within this data trends began to form allowing you to apply AI and driving insights. Infact sales insights and customer insights collect data from other irrelevant data sources.
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Dynamics 365 sales and Marketing integrated with insights gives you a 360 degree view of your customers. It gives intelligent sales and marketing experience. Built in AI helps customers to match data between fields and data is secured and can be used by different business analysts smoothly.

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