Posted on June 13, 2018

Microsoft puts the precise number at 162% over three years with complete payback in 7 months in a study by Forrester Research on the Total Economic Impact of Office 365 (check out the details at the  Clearly, the potential is huge for businesses to migrate their applications and infrastructure to the cloud, and the gains don’t stop at pure ROI.  The internal rate of return is 468% and the Net Present Value per user was over $1,300.

Why the big numbers?  Perhaps you are skeptical, but Office 365 and other cloud applications are one of the few things in life that truly promise a better way from managing your spend to improving your productivity:

  • Subscription based software offers significant financial benefits, reducing your up front costs, eliminating the need for expensive upgrades, bundling new applications, and allowing access across devices for a fixed monthly fee per user

  • Cloud software can have far lower management demands than traditional applications; its updated automatically, users are managed in a single location, and doesn’t require the resource intensive administrative and network support

  • Productivity improvements are immediate and many including next generation mobility:

  • Access to apps and files effortlessly across devices allows your associates to work from anywhere without the hassle and without the risk of costly data loss

  • Seamless collaboration and sharing tools enable a new level of socialization without version control, losing documents, or searching through email for files

  • Project management and workflow enhancements help centralize your tasks and keep everyone up to speed; team and project sites offer even more opportunities to digitally transform your organization

KORCOMPTENZ can help you take advantage of these trends—improve your operations and reduce your costs—by specializing in cloud deployments and productivity software.  We combine broad business knowledge, a global delivery model, and rich access to resources to customize an engagement with the highest possible value and the best possible experience.

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