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Make Better Decisions With Data-Driven Insights

One of the biggest differences between companies that succeed and companies that fail is the ability to process and utilize data. High-performance organizations maximize the data they generate to develop valuable insights that help them overcome challenges and plan for a bright future. Microsoft Power BI and Salesforce’s Tableau are two leaders in the analytics and visualization market. Korcomptenz offers turnkey services to help you take advantage of your companies data using the latest machine learning and modeling techniques.

Intelligent Analytics + Agile Customer Journey

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Power BI

Power Business Intelligence (in-short Power BI) is a Microsoft analytical reporting solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights across your organization.



Modern data platform that delivers the best of modern data warehousing, the best of data lakes, and much more, so organizations can focus getting every insight possible from data.


Business Intelligence + Big Data Solutions

BI Platform Implementation + Support

Report Visualization + Customization

Consumer Behavior + Data

Financial + Performance Forecasting

Report Analysis + Recommendations

Data Warehousing

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Industry 5.0
The Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform PowerApps, PowerBI, and Power Automate can help accelerate your business and change the way you work.

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