Connected Operations for Process Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management

A Deep Dive into Industry-specific Solutions and Real-world Success Stories

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Learn the best practices and strategies for Driving Digital Transformation, Optimizing Operations, and Improving Business Outcomes from the industry best.


Process manufacturing is a complex and ever-evolving field. Producing quality products by transforming raw materials into finished products through a series of complex and interconnected processes of managing production, supply chain, and regulatory compliance is a challenge.

In today’s digital landscape manufacturers are under pressure to adopt sustainable and smart manufacturing practices to stay ahead of the competition on the global market. However, many process manufacturing companies are burdened with legacy systems and poorly integrated systems that limit their ability to adapt to the changing business environment.

To overcome these challenges Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations provides process manufacturing companies with a comprehensive solution for managing their operations. With advanced tools for supply chain management, production planning, and predictive Maintenance, you can tackle the complexities of modern manufacturing head-on.

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Connected Operations with Dynamics 365 Key Highlights


For the purposes of the webinar, we presented Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a complete solution to achieve the goal of transformation from a regular manufacturing business to a Connected Operation business model, but there are other platforms in the market that we support which can achieve similar outcomes. The webinar was conducted on April 5, 2023, and the main objectives were as follows.

Key challenges facing Process Manufacturers

Process Manufacturers face challenges such as Inconsistent product quality, disruptions in supply chain and manufacturing, meeting industry standards and regulations, cyber-attacks, and sustainability.

In this webinar, Korcomptenz will help you see how connected operation can answer many challenges in the age of continuous digital innovation, while preparing manufacturing industries for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Key Functionalities of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Dynamics 365 supports multi-mode manufacturing setups be it – Discrete, Process & Lean Manufacturing.

D365 provides a firm foundation for Process manufacturing across diverse industries. Supports true mixed mode manufacturing and integrates with 3rd party TMS and WMS systems resulting in a resilient supply chain.


In this demonstration, we demonstrated Chemical Formula Production Processing in MES in the Dynamics 365 application.

How can Korcomptenz help?


Korcomptenz is a one stop shop for a comprehensive solution focused on acting as the ROI multiplier for our clients. We use Cloud solutions, digitize operations using ERP and get clients to connect with their customers with customer engagement solutions. All this digitization is consolidated and brought together with the Analytics to drive real time actionable insights.

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Our Success Stories

Korcomptenz showcased the customer success story for Process Manufacturing at a specialty chemicals organization, focusing on their challenges and how they addressed them by implementing Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. This includes moving their old ERP and warehousing systems to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and integrating this core system with their B2B portal, Salesforce and Manufacturing Execution Systems.

As a next step Korcomptenz is open to engage with you on the next level of details and discuss how we can help kickstart your transformation journey to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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