Saving lives with access to granular data, empowering better delivery, experience, and care

Cloud/AI/ML helps with connectivity and interoperability of medical devices to provide enhanced patient outcomes.

Trends in Medtech


Digitalize the entire health ecosystem: SCM, regulatory compliance, security needs, and manage FDA approvals.

Cloud Analytics

Creating critical insights from data generated from connected devices to help health systems improve decision making and accuracy of diagnosis.


Connected Medical devices are enabling faster, easier transmission of data

Remote Patient Monitoring

Rising demand for real-time monitoring due to IoMT for enhancing communication between medical facilities, care provider, and patient

Personalized Patient Care

Customers are demanding personalized care in the post-pandemic world, with increased consciousness about their health.

Reinventing Healthcare with Modern Medical Devices


Holistic view to learn dynamics of every patient


Faster responses to patient and caregiver needs


Personalized care

Innovating Medical Devices with Cloud

Powered by cloud and other digital technologies, medical device manufacturers are helping medical devices manufacturers innovate and revolutionize the way healthcare is being offered. Be it smart wearables, portable machines with advanced imaging abilities, automatic drug dispensers, or robotic-assisted surgeries, medical devices can help bring precision in clinical outcomes and save lives.

How Korcomptenz can help

As a certified Azure and AWS partner, Korcomptenz has empowered clients to attain a multi-layered grasp of their day-to-day operations, turning their IT cost-center into a powerful tool to accelerate business model change, lowering TCO, and optimizing cloud investments with a ROI up to 10X.
Korcomptenz is a technologically-agnostic company that offers holistic solutions across a range of cloud solutions including cloud consulting & support, strategy building, cost computing, and managed services.

Services & Capabilities Around Medical Devices Industry

Connectivity & Interoperability

  • Cloud Assessment, Cloud Consultancy, Cloud Migrations
  • App modernization
  • Moving from on prem to cloud
  • Moving Legacy applications to the cloud
  • SAP on Azure​

Operational Excellence

  • AI/ML Forecasting
  • Planning and Gap Management
  • Supply Chain Control Analytics
  • Demand Planning​

Cloud Analytics

  • Clinical Analytics
  • Cloud Analytics
  • Operational Analytics

Patient-Provider Experience​

  • Sales Visibility
  • Field Services and mobility
  • Care Team Collaboration

Use Case Scenarios for Medical Device Industry

AI for Early Disease Detection

A medical device company leveraged AI to go beyond traditional cancer screening and facilitate early detection of the condition through an innovative solution, which empowered the patient to conduct the test at home, thereby bringing more patients in the ambit of testing and enabling early detection.

Cloud-based ERP for SCM Challenges

A leading company producing vaccines was facing the issue of exact temperature conditions to be managed while manufacturing them. The team transferred the information to a data lake on a cloud-based platform, which enabled them to chart the batches and discover insights for yielding optimal results.

Improved Communication Between Patient and Caregiver

A manufacturer of respiratory solutions helped empower patients to enhance communication with their caregiver. With the help of a cloud provider, they launched a digital platform that securely transfers the patient data and allows them to share it.

Mobile Application for Tracking Physical Activity

A mobile app was created for a healthcare organization, which helped them track and reward physical activity of the users. Activities as well as gym visits could be tracked easily through geolocation and beacon technologies.

Cloud Architecture for Data MedTech

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