Improving Operational Excellence & Customer Service Combining Two Salesforce Orgs into One

See how Korcomptenz helped a mid-size healthcare company improve its operations and customer experience by merging two organizations into one Salesforce instance.




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Company Overview


Our client is a healthcare holding company in the US operating a myriad of business units including healthcare strategy and senior care services. The strategy department helps businesses enhance their processes, assess results, reimagine their culture, and provides guidance on mergers and acquisitions. Their objective is to empower organizations with effective and performance-oriented systems for ensuring first-rate patient care.

The healthcare company provides licensed home care services to elderly citizens throughout the greater New York region. These activities include:

Two Salesforce Orgs into One Company Overview

Our client provides these services to people in Rockland, Orange, Ulster, Sullivan, Putnam, Dutchess, and Westchester counties.

The Challenge


The healthcare provider was operating as two different organizations leading to several challenges:

Case Study 1 to 4
Case Study 1

Complex management of accounts, roles, and profiles for individuals that worked across units.

Case Study 2

Duplicate data for contacts and accounts that were shared across business units, for example, insurance companies and government entities.

Case Study 3

Lack of consolidated processes for functions that were shared across business units.

Case Study 4

No centralized reporting for management.

Two Salesforce Orgs into One Challenges

Key Objectives


The overall goal of this project was to merge two organizations into a single Salesforce instance. This included migrating all users, roles, and profiles, as well as all relevant data and applications. More attention was paid to data and resources present in both systems, and the full security and compliance requirements of a healthcare company.

About the Project


Korcomptenz was selected as a vendor of choice due to our knowledge and expertise in developing Salesforce solutions. Our certified consultants have decades of experience in the healthcare space together with a key focus on security, as well as our reasonable, transparent, and turnkey pricing.

The project started with a detailed, methodical discovery and analysis phase conducted in collaboration with the customer. It helped the customer to understand all the objects and related data points in use by both organizations. This included a combination of:

Once through with the discovery phase, Korcomptenz migrated objects and data in an agreed-upon sequence. And validation processes incorporated at every step to ensure data integrity. The migration was managed in an agile manner with multiple check-in calls every week to resolve any issues or questions occurring, related to the objects and data.

The initial data migration was conducted in a separate sandbox to prevent any impact on the end users depending on the system.  It was followed by:

The UAT phase concluded with approval from users to proceed with the launch of the integrated organization.  The deployment process included:

This exhaustive process ensured the merged objects had no conflicts or issues existing side-by-side in the same instance.

After all objects were moved to the production system, Korcomptenz migrated all applicable data using Salesforce Data Loader. The migration included a combination of data that wasn’t shared between organizations, and data that needed to be merged to remain functional.

In some cases, data from one system was appended to the other, resulting in a more consolidated system.  In total, there were hundreds of thousands of records combined in the single instance. The production deployment was also completed over the weekend to reduce the impact on end users.

Key Services Provided

Discovery and Analysis
Understand both organizations and plan merge activities
Initial Object and Data Migration
Migrate objects and data on a sandbox environment to limit the impact on users
User Acceptance Testing
Collaborate with the customer to test the new sandbox system
Object Migration
Migrate all objects to the production system using test classes
Data Migration
Migrate and/or merge data according to business rules agreed upon during the planning phases
Production Deployment
Activate users, roles, and profiles on production and provide support after the launch

Measurable Results


The merged organization helped improve operational efficiency and customer service, as well as save money. The measurable results were:

Two Salesforce Orgs into One Result

Optimize operations and customer service by combing two Salesforce orgs into one 

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