Improving Customer Experience and Efficiency for a Top Aftermarket Suspensions Supplier in Automotive

Discover how a leading aftermarket suspensions supplier partnered with Korcomptenz to stabilize and redesign their eCommerce website and improve customer experience.

Elevating eCommerce solutions to stabilize, revamp, and automate for ultimate customer experience and efficiency


In the world of automotive excellence, a top aftermarket suspension supplier is the guiding light for enthusiasts eager to enhance their rides. Our client, a master of suspension upgrades, utilizes WooCommerce to ensure performance fineness directly to consumers. Behind the scenes, intricate processes navigate databases and order processing through an offline system, requiring integrations.

Yet, the customer faces many technical challenges.  As an ecommerce and retail company, the client has robust customer experience requirements coupled with stringent security protocols to process transactions and protect customer data.

The client found themselves on a challenging journey. Frustrated by what they perceived as a lack of support, technical know-how, and strategic insight from their existing ecommerce solution provider, they decided it was time for a change. The quest for a reliable ally led them to Korcomptenz, one of the most efficient ecommerce solution providers.

Transforming User Experience

The client urgently addressed the instability of their existing ecommerce portal, seeking a technology partner for essential upgrades. Their vision encompassed a comprehensive transformation, including a grand redesign, enhanced customer experience, and automated management of product and order processing data.

Amidst the multitude of potential ecommerce partners, Korcomptenz stood out as the chosen one. Our blend of front and back-end expertise, profound understanding of complex data, and a track record of achievements in the automotive industry made us the perfect partner for the client. And so, the partnership was established, setting the stage for technological marvels and strategic successes.

Elevating eCommerce Case Study

Key Projects and Achievements


Website Redesign and Customer Experience Improvements

Our client embarked on a quest to build an intuitive and impactful user-friendly website—a crucial element in their overall strategy. Beyond the typical considerations of an online retailer, our customer faced a unique challenge. What if visitors couldn’t simply stroll through digital aisles and toss products into their virtual carts? No, the journey began with a more complex aspect: Discovering products compatible with their vehicle and establishing the necessary business rules to bundle associated items for the successful installation of new suspensions.

The first step for a person purchasing aftermarket automotive parts is to identify the make, model, and year of their vehicle.  The system refines the product selection tailored to the specific vehicle. Hence, the importance of an intuitive search feature, intricate filtering and mapping, and maintaining the chosen selection throughout the visit becomes paramount for a holistic experience. This holds true not only during the shopping phase but extends seamlessly into the installation phase. After all, a user might undergo an optimal online journey only to find themselves receiving the wrong part.

The redesign initiative commenced by identifying design themes that could seamlessly blend a conventional ecommerce experience with an emphasis on vehicle search functionalities. This approach aimed to enable visitors to explore product offerings through categorized browsing, gaining familiarity with available options. Users could input their personal vehicle details at any stage to access products relevant to their specific needs. Alongside a standard navigation system and a prominent general search feature equipped with predictive capabilities, the solution necessitated support for the “Select Your Vehicle” functionality, incorporating year, make, model, and sub-model criteria.

The enhanced shopping experience also entailed comprehensive product pages offering a diverse range of customization options for each item, coupled with the ability to bundle products essential for installation.

The Key Features Addressed and Encompassed

Total number of products and bundles supported Total number of vehicles supported
eCommerce Case Study

Advanced Ecommerce Solutions Suite: ERP Integration, Vehicle Mapping, and Dynamic Imaging for WooCommerce

We’ve developed a tailored ERP Integration Plugin that automates inventory and shipment updates on the ERP server, complete with advanced reporting features for streamlined file management. Additionally, our Vehicle Product Mapping Plugin facilitates seamless vehicle import and product mapping. In the realm of WooCommerce, our crafted plugin introduces Conditional Images for Composite Products, enhancing the online shopping experience by dynamically displaying images based on specific product configurations. The plugin also boasts an intuitive user interface for effortless management and customization of image rules.

Actual Outcomes


Korcomptenz’s blend of technical expertise and user experience provided customers with the chance to realize numerous benefits, including: an

Streamlined Shopping Experience Operational Improvements
Increased orders
Easier management of product information and vehicle mapping
Increased conversion rate
Improved order processing and faster time to process orders
Improved customer satisfaction
More accurate order and finanical information

As a certified Microsoft ERP partner and a technology transformation company, Korcomptenz provides inventive, tailor-made ecommerce solutions to assist you in stabilizing and revamping your eCommerce website, elevating the overall customer experience. Explore how our expertise can enhance your operational efficiency with a #FocusOnYou. Visit or contact us at [email protected] to discover more.

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