Project Description

About the App

The iLogCheck web and mobile app allows companies to easily comply with COVID-19 regulations by capturing staff and visitor information while entering an organization’s facilities. The easy to use mobile and online interface prompts the staff member or visitor to answer questions about their health and travel to ensure they are cleared to enter a facility. The information is stored securely for access by administrators, providing detailed information on entries to their facilities with date and time stamping to ensure compliance.


  • Collect answers from both staff and visitors for COVID-19 related questions including travel history

  • Provide notifications to administrators if a person is not cleared to enter a building based on their answers

  • Store all records securely and generate detailed reports

Solving Business Challenges

  • Replaces cumbersome paper and pen solutions to capture the required information for entry

  • Provides notifications and alerts if a staff member is not cleared for entry

  • Keeps complete details of all entries to help with audit trails and contact tracing

Technologies Used

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