Improving Customer Service with Salesforce Chat


Tips to Improve Customer Service with Salesforce Chat

In today’s highly competitive business environment, brands are continuously striving for the attention of online users. Attention spans have become much shorter, and customers are always on the lookout for a rapid resolution to their queries. Providing quick and efficient customer service has become an integral part of any business. One of the best ways to improve customer service is to take advantage of technologies like online chat and chatbots. Salesforce offers a best in class solution as part of their Service Cloud. This feature allows businesses to provide personalized chat support integrated with key Service Cloud features to their customers. This blog will help you by listing a few tips to improve customer service with Salesforce Chat.

According to estimates, only 9% of companies provide live chat features on their website. This is true even though chat has proven benefits. Chat support can incease customer engagement and present you with a better opportunity to convert prospects into customers. Further, chats can have various components, such as a pre-chat form, triage, and post-chat survey. Each of these components are extremely useful in terms of knowing your prospects better.

Cloud Integration

Chats could also be analyzed using Big Data technologies. This indicates that businesses could gain a competitive advantage by deploying Salesforce Chat. The Salesforce Chat feature has been built into the Salesforce Service Cloud. The chat service will automatically identify the appropriate customer record enabling your agents to provide quick and accurate support to your customers.

Most businesses will take the standard chat features and customize them for their needs. The customization will usually include responses specific to a company’s products or teams, tutorials, and even videos.

Cloud Integration

In order to set up the chat for use, you need to create a chat flow. The chat flow includes the routing, creating a means of offline support, and using embedded chat. Once you have set up the parameters for these features, your Salesforce chat is ready to take off. You can also personalize the customer experience even further by adding Snap-ins. Using these Snap-ins, your customers have the ability to view cases and acquire self-service knowledge.

Multi-lingual Support

Another key feature of Salesforce Chat is its ability to provide support in multiple languages. You do not have to worry about missing prospects because of language barriers in different parts of the world. Salesforce Chat allows your customers to communicate in a range of common languages, thereby helping you maximizing revenues by converting leads. By enabling this feature, you have the ability to choose the languages in which you want to provide support. In addition, you could also auto-translate using the translation workbench feature.

In order to improve the communication process, it is highly recommended to create pre-written messages that convey specific information. For example, you could specify the next best action to your customers.

Coaching Features

Coaching features

You can also make use of the coaching feature within Salesforce Chat. This feature allows you to coach your agents on a real-time basis. The coaching feature allows you to create a personalized chat feed for your users. For instance, your sales reps could get instant information about the sales pipelines, recommended next steps, as well as potential deadlines. You can also customize the workloads of different agents in order to make sure that customers do not have to wait. The Live Agent feature also allows you to track and monitor the performance of your agents on a real-time basis. This could help you in improving productivity and making sure that the highest possible customer service standards are maintained.

Leveraging Expert Knowledge

In addition, if the agents are unable to resolve the queries posted by your customers and prospects, Salesforce Chat also provides you with the ability to re-route them to subject matter experts. You could liaise with a team of experts that deliver specific solutions to your client queries. The Salesforce Chat can be customized in such a manner that queries are matched and routed to the right expert. This could help your business in maximizing your lead conversion rates.

To sum up, Salesforce Chat is an extremely useful feature within the Service Cloud and also for Sales. It enables you to deliver customer service of the highest standard, while also maximizing your top and bottom line.

Multilingual Support

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