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Choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) for your organization can be a daunting task. There are countless platforms like Kentico Xperience offering everything from basic to specialized functions, starting at no cost and going all the way up to six-figures. The key to finding the right platform is to examine your needs and choose accordingly.

Since most CMS platforms offer basic functions, the differences lie in extended features like marketing automation, or underlying technology like Open Source or Microsoft’s .NET platform. And while the most expensive options tend to include more features out-of-the-box and use proprietary programming, less costly platforms often have equivalent options with third-party enhancements.

Here are some questions you should ask when zeroing in on the CMS platform that’s right for you.

What features do I need? Do I want a platform that will keep a history of all changes to a web page? Do I need to put an approval process in place before changes are posted to the site? Is it okay to involve third-party tools to support my online store? How important are personalization and marketing automation features to support one-to-one engagement with customers and prospects? It’s important to prioritize your CMS needs.

How will I make it my own? Beyond the most basic site, it’s key to customize products to fulfill your specific needs. Look at your short list of CMS systems and how they handle customization.

Can I use it every day? Do you prefer a minimalist approach that doesn’t warrant as much training, or do you need advanced features that require more expertise and maintenance? Make sure you see the platform in action to determine if it can take you into the future.

What is the total cost of ownership? Consider both one-time and ongoing costs – including hosting, upgrades, third-party ware and customization.

Korcomptenz is here to help you navigate these questions and choose the CMS platform that will help you engage your customers and prospects, enable your business and accelerate your results. Our new whitepaper on Choosing the Ideal CMS will empower your customer with content, enhance the visitor experience, and improve your ease of use and scalability.

KORCOMPTENZ is your total technology transformation partner. Request a consultation to learn more about working with Kentico Xperience CMS, our web and marketing technology services, business management solutions, mobile apps and custom development, and infrastructure management solutions.

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