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The World's Most Popular Content Management System

WordPress probably needs no introduction. It's the most popular Content Management System in the world, supporting 75,000,000 website and blogs in every industry and for organizations of every size, from sole proprietors to Fortune 500 companies. The popularity of the platform has generated an entire ecosystem of freely available and paid plugins and enhancements, allowing organizations to integrate the WordPress core with a wide variety of applications and to extend the functionality to areas like eCommerce and customer journeys.

At the same time, the prominence has lead to an increase risk of security issues, making the most popular platform in the world the most attractive for hackers. This increases the importance of choosing the right partner for your WordPress development, implementation, and support services. KORCOMPTENZ has the experience and expertise to secure your installation, allowing you to engage your customers and accelerate your results with an accompanying peace of mind.

We specialize in enterprise-class projects leveraging best-practices architecture for both security, scalability, and performance.

Introducing WordPress

WordPress is open source software that supports beautiful web experiences, blogs, and apps. It features beautiful custom and third-party designs, powerful features, and the freedom to build whatever your organization needs. As describes the platform, it is both "free and priceless at the same time."

Who Uses WordPress?

The short answer is everyone: Approximately 28% of the web is running on WordPress, supporting everything from hobbyists to the largest, most sophisticated sites online.


KORCOMPTENZ has a proven track record of delivering rapid, cost-effective, high quality implementations for single and multisite international enterprises using an agile methodology. We can support the entire ecosystem, helping you engage your customers and prospects, enable your business, and accelerate your results.

Our WordPress competencies include:




  • Website Design, Development, and Ongoing Management
  • Mobile App Integration
  • CRM / Customer Journey Integration
  • E-commerce Integration (WooCommerce + Others)
  • Other Third-Party Integration including DoubleClick for Publishers and Blueconic

Customizations Supported

  • Custom theme development and implementation
  • Custom module development and implementation


  • Azure
  • Other

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