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Enterprise WordPress Website Development Services

  • Create, customize, migrate, and upgrade your enterprise Wordpress website
  • WordPress Theme development and customization
  • WordPress responsive design development
  • WordPress Theme customization
  • Custom WordPress plugin development
  • Hire a Wordpress developer

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Wordpress Development Service Company

Enterprise WordPress Services for Your Industry

KORCOMPTENZ Proven Processes + Extensive Experience Provides Superior Results

A solution as popular and rich as WordPress demands the right partner, one who has built and managed big sites with tens of thousands of pages and users. That's why KORCOMPTENZ specializes in enterprise-class projects leveraging best-practices architecture for both security, scalability, and performance.

Introducing WordPress

WordPress is open source software that supports beautiful web experiences, blogs, and apps. It features beautiful custom and third-party designs, powerful features, and the freedom to build whatever your organization needs. As describes the platform, it is both "free and priceless at the same time."

Who Uses WordPress?

The short answer is everyone: Approximately 28% of the web is running on WordPress, supporting everything from hobbyists to the largest, most sophisticated sites online.

Notable Brands Using Wordpress

Notable Brands Using Wordpress - Wordpress Development Services

Korcomptenz WordPress Services

WordPress Web Development

WordPress Web

Custom Themes + Plugins - Korcomptenz WordPress Development Services

Custom Themes + Plugins

Upgrades + Migrations - Korcomptenz WordPress Development Services

Upgrades +

Third-Party System Integration - Korcomptenz WordPress Development Services

Third-Party System Integration

Support + Maintenance - Korcomptenz WordPress Development Services

Support +

Korcomptenz Proven Experience + Results

15 years of

1,000's of

200+ Global team

35.1% to 65%
total cost of

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WordPress Advantages + Benefits

Open Source - WordPress Development Services Benefits

Open Source

Infinitely flexible - WordPress Development Services Benefits

Infinitely flexible

Rich + Powerful - WordPress Development Services Benefits

Rich + Powerful

Easy to use - WordPress Development Services Benefits

Easy to use

Trusted by millions - WordPress Development Services Benefits

Trusted by millions

Securing Your WordPress Sites

As the world's most popular and extensible Content Management System, WordPress represents an attractive target for hackers. KORCOMPTENZ has developed a unified approach to WordPress security that addresses the following key items. This approach has been honed across hundreds of successful projects, and decades of developer experience. Can you trust your installation with anything less?


The security of a WordPress installation begins with how it is configured and administrated. KORCOMPTENZ proven process addresses key aspects of the installation including unique administrator accounts, robust passwords, limited logins, least-privilege principles, hidden configuration files, and restrictive server permissions.

Security Plugins

KORCOMPTENZ provides additional security to your WordPress installation with a combination of third-party and proprietary plugins. These extensions to the WordPress core protect critical aspects of the platform including regular malware scanning and additional protection for your databases.

3rd-Party Plug-in
Validation & Vetting

WordPress can be compromised by vulnerabilities in third-party plugins that are either poorly coded or not properly maintained. KORCOMPTENZ experienced developers thoroughly research and review all plugins prior to integration according to our proprietary best-practice criteria to provide additional peace of mind.

On-going Maintenance

Hackers move fast, and your WordPress installation can't afford to be left behind with a lingering vulnerability. Making sure the WordPress core and all of your plugins are kept up-to-date with the latest patches is critical to protecting your site. All KORCOMPTENZ WordPress management and maintenance agreements contain ongoing services to protect your installation.

Larger installations can also take advantage of our experience with third-party content delivery networks such as CloudFlare that protect your site from Denial of Service Attacks and improve performance. Vulnerability scanning and other services can be included as well.

Meeting Your Unique Functionality Needs

Third-party plugins are one of the reasons WordPress is so popular. Chances are there's a plugin available that will meet even your most unique needs, but how to choose and who to trust out of the approximately 46,000 on the market can be challenging.

Reviewing, vetting, and selecting the best plugins on the market, and developing your own when nothing quite fits is one of Korcomptenz's key enterprise services. In order to ensure your success, we consider a multitude of factors based on our experience before making a recommendation.


Time on the market - Wordpress Development Services Company

Time on the market

Number of users - Wordpress Development Services Company

Number of users

Frequency of updates - Wordpress Development Services Company

Frequency of updates

Validated reviews - Wordpress Development Services Company

Validated reviews

Features and documentation - Wordpress Development Services Company

Features and documentation

Deep web searches - Wordpress Development Services Company

Deep web searches for security issues

WordPress Migration Steps

WordPress Migration
  • Standard WordPress Features
  • Third Party Plug-ins
  • Custom Code
  • Third Party Integrations
WordPress Migration
  • Upgrade In place or side-by-side migration-based on destination + Target version
  • Review + Upgrade 3rd Party Plug-ins
  • Adjust Custom Code + Modules Where Needed
  • Confirm All Third Party Integrations.
WordPress Migration
  • Review all Content + Design Templates
  • Validate all WordPress Features + Plug-ins
  • Confirm all Custom Modules & Codes
  • Provide Completed Testing Scripts for Final Approval

The Next Generation Website Opportunity

Redesigning your website with WordPress and KORCOMPTENZ can provide measurable benefits to your organization.

Up to 65% reduction in total cost of ownership

Up to 56% more cross-sell and up-sell revenue

Up to 54% greater return on marketing investment

Up to 50% higher conversion rates for website visitors

Up to 40% reduction in time to market


A Powerful Combination for your Enterprise Website Needs

KORCOMPTENZ is a trusted technology transformation provider and an enterprise-class WordPress provider with rich experience across web and marketing technology, and a commitment to maximizing your return on investment. Together, KORCOMPTENZ and WordPress are the perfect combination for your enterprise website needs. Request a consultation today for a no-cost estimate.