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Composing an Intelligent Digital Experience Technology Stack

Discover the Power of Xperience by Kentico

Power of Xperience by Kentico

Maximizing Kentico: Leveraging Best-of-Breed Features for Digital Transformation


We hosted an enlightening webinar centered around Kentico, a hybrid headless CMS solution that integrates best-of-breed features, breaking down silos between disjointed teams for offering intelligent digital experiences.

As the most trusted and acclaimed Kentico Partner, Korcomptenz can help businesses maximize Kentico’s capabilities, aligning marketers, developers, and support teams seamlessly. Join us for an insightful webinar to learn about the power of Kentico, the future of AI-integrated platforms.

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Navigating the Digital Landscape: Building Exceptional Customer Experiences and Marketing Technology Stacks



Discover the essential components of a contemporary customer experience and marketing technology stack, gaining insights into evaluating and integrating new software seamlessly. Delve into the advantages offered by Xperience by Kentico, a Gartner® Rated Web Content Management System, and Digital Experience Platform, and uncover practical strategies tailored for superior customer experiences across diverse industries such as manufacturing, financial services, and healthcare. Explore the features of Xperience by Kentico and its esteemed Gartner® rating, while aligning customer experience initiatives with industry best practices. Navigate the complexities of an aging tech stack with precision, and strategically select best-in-class marketing technology to enhance customer engagement and drive sales. Finally, make informed decisions about partnering with the right provider for both short-term goals and long-term success.

The agenda for the webinar flow is as follows:

KOR CMS Solutions

We showcased Korcomptenz’s capability to efficiently craft outstanding digital experiences for global clientele by seamlessly integrating top-tier features, bridging gaps between disparate teams to deliver intelligent digital solutions. Our hybrid headless digital experience solution merges the advantages of a headless CMS with conventional content management and exceptional digital marketing functionalities, consolidating them into one platform to reduce overheads and amplify return on investment.

The key takeaways

Businesses face the ongoing challenge of staying abreast of technological advancements. However, obstacles such as technological complexity and strategic hurdles often hinder optimal platform utilization. This decreased usage not only results in revenue loss but also renders previous investments futile. Fortunately, modern platforms now present a solution, offering the flexibility of both “All-in-one” and “Best-of-breed” approaches without necessitating a rigid choice between the two. Xperience by Kentico stands out as a fully modern Digital Experience Platform (DXP) with a unified code base, streamlining processes and improving efficiency. To navigate these complexities effectively, a strategic and incremental approach to investment planning is highly recommended, ensuring sustainable growth and maximized returns.

How can Korcomptenz help?


The collective expertise of Korcomptenz and Kentico, coupled with a proven track record in overcoming the most challenging technological obstacles while driving value and excellence, presents a distinctive opportunity spanning from conceptualization to execution. We offer comprehensive partnership across your entire marketing technology stack, delivering successful strategies and robust technology architectures, alongside award-winning design and user experiences.

Our services encompass world-class implementations and dedicated support, with engagement models tailored to your needs, including TurnKey projects, staff augmentation, and managed services. Together, we possess the confidence and capability to surpass expectations, ensuring your business thrives. Our commitment encompasses MarTech strategy, design, and user experience, as well as management, ongoing support, and development and implementation.

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