SAP – Application Management Services (AMS)

Ensure peak performance of your SAP applications

AMS Technology

Technologies are only as good as the people who use them. By choosing to work with an Application Management Services partner you will ensure peak performance of your SAP systems by extending the capabilities of your team. Managed services partner can help you a line your technology investments to your business goals while reducing risk, ensuring compliance, and optimising costs.

SAP AMS helps your business to:

Why choose SAP AMS


Optimize costs

  • Reduce overall cost of operations and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your SAP systems
  • Optimize workforce needed to manage systems and redeploy staff from system support to activities that can add more value
  • Standardize operations and leverage new features to reduce the need for third-party solutions

Enable your team

  • 24/7 global support from reliable experts to fix issues
  • Avoid expensive downtime with a team that can constantly monitor your systems and prevent critical issues from disrupting operations
  • Simplify your IT architecture and make it easier for your team to manage​


  • Work with an AMS partner who can meet your business needs with flexible SLOs that can be scaled up or down based on your business needs
  • Customize the Managed Services or Support Services to fit your needs
  • Access a broad range of expertise without needing to hire anyone full time and make changes as per the changing needs of your business

Korcomptenz for SAP AMS


Korcomptenz offers comprehensive support for your Sap systems. 

For Technical support you may need an expert to share advice, resolve critical issues, or general system administration. With our Technical support services you will be able to: 

Optimize your system landscape with our Functional support. With out Functional support offering you will be able to: 

The Korcomptenz method


Managed Services Offerings

Augmented team for peak loads management

Get the extra support you need when you are short-staffed to manage high workloads.

Basic Support (Break-fix)

Get quick resolution to critical issues and stabilize your systems.

Comprehensive Managed Services (Predictive maintenance)

Ensure business continuity with continuous system monitoring that ensures issues are addressed before they can impact your operations.

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