Combining Strategy, Technology, and Content for an Immersive Next-generation Website for a Major Medical Center

Company Overview


The client is a large hospital and healthcare provider in New York, combining innovative care with the rigor of an academic medical institution. The provider has earned quality awards from the American College of Surgeons, the American Heart Association, the Joint Commission, and the American College of Radiology. In addition to a main hospital that first opened in 1895, the organization operates a network of physician practices and several major wellness centers including the Joint Replacement Center, the Jacobs Family Pride and Wellness Center, and the Madlyn Borelli Multiple Sclerosis Center.

State of the Art Medical Care

There is also a foundation dedicated to building enduring community relationships, continuing to invest in state-of-the-art medical care, and exceptional programs with an outstanding patient experience.

The provider had been operating a website on an older version of the popular Drupal Content Management System that did not include the latest best practices for overall performance and user experience:

Key Objectives


The overall objective was to redesign the main website and upgrade the Content Management System and underlying technology. This included a thorough discovery phase to understand the organization’s latest goals and objectives, followed by an agile, iterative design and content development process before building the new site.

The combination of an engaging design that incorporated industry best practices for a positive user experience and more up-to-date content would prove compelling for visitors. The goal was to address the following elements:

Case Study 1 to 4
Case Study 1


Acquire more traffic with advanced SEO, SEM, and social advertising, plus viral sharing features

Case Study 2


Drive repeat visits with engaging content, remarketing, and potential marketing automation programs

Case Study 3


Convert more patients with intuitive, progressive lead forms and improved engagement with key service line staff

Case Study 4


Encourage customers to share their MFNH experiences with friends and colleagues

About the Project


Besides our end customer, Korcomptenz partnered with Wainscot Media throughout the project lifecycle. Wainscot Media helped provide strategic advice and deep knowledge of healthcare content to achieve the objectives. The project began with a discovery phase to identify the next-generation information architecture, content, and branding needs.

A robust, flexible information architecture was essential to meeting the diverse needs of the organization’s various audiences, including current and prospective patients and physicians. It’s important considering the site serves the dual role of information portal and EMR-access hub plus special features for employees and board members. The overall goal was to present information in a tiered and structured manner with powerful search features that meet the needs of both casual prospects and active seekers of specific information and products.

Major Medical Center Flexible Information Architecture

The information architecture would also a feature robust cross-linking strategy to showcase related services content and drive interaction with relevant areas of the site. Korcomptenz also recommended an improved internal navigation hierarchy for second and third-level pages.

Improvements to the user experience then balanced industry-best practices for modern interface design including desktop, tablet, and mobile paradigms with the specific needs of the organization. The overall goal was to implement an elegant, engaging interface that showcases what makes the organization unique and highlights key features and content while allowing visitors to dig deeper regardless of the device they are using.

Major Medical Center User Interface
Major Medical Center Project

During the user interface and design process, approximately 100 pages of fresh content were developed to address all major service lines and programs. The process included:

In addition to the enhanced design and updated content, the site has all-new interactive features:

Feature Description
Find a Physician
An enhanced directory that enables users to search by keyword, better filter their results, better integrate with content on the site and choose from multiple layouts while searching for physicians
Event Calendar with Registration
An interactive event calendar that enables users to browse by events based on the day, week, month, or area of interest and search using keywords
Enhanced Search
Taxonomy and keyword-based search for more accurate results and predictive search capabilities

Following the completion of the build phase of the main hospital website, the physician practice website was also redesigned.

Measurable Results


The combination of a next-generation website strategy, technology, and content-enabled the organization to realize all main goals for the project. The organization now reaps substantial benefits from:

Client’s Business Goals

Advance Website Redesign to Meet Client’s Business Goals

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