Transforming User Experience: Innovative Customer Portal & Task Automation for a Utility Giant

Discover how a leading US energy supplier partnered with Korcomptenz to develop a cutting-edge customer portal, integrating Amazon Web Services, .NET, QuickSight BI, and Okta.

A groundbreaking solution to streamline energy management and elevate user experiences


In the Midwest, a longstanding energy supplier with over a century of service history found itself at a pivotal juncture. Serving over half a million customers across six states and Washington, DC, this utility giant sought to modernize its operations and enhance customer engagement. They turned to Korcomptenz for a transformative solution.

Our customer relies on Amazon Web Services for cloud infrastructure, Microsoft ASP.NET for custom apps, and Amazon QuickSight BI for analytics. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE and Power Platform in the mix, their commitment to security and data protection is unwavering, fortifying their utility business.

Our client approached us with a crucial request. They wanted a brand-new customer portal that could give their large clients access to vital energy usage data, invoices, and more. It required complex integrations with Amazon Quick Sight BI and Okta, an identity management tool.

Transforming User Experience

The customer had big plans for the portal, aiming to serve a large number of clients and add more features in the future and chose Korcomptenz to lead the way. We kicked off the project with a Design Thinking phase, collaborating with end users, administrators, and the Information Security team to define the portal’s features and technical details.

With all the approvals in hand, the journey to build the new portal began. Korcomptenz’s expertise in design thinking, user experience, interface development, application development, and top-notch security practices made us the perfect solution partner.

The Design Thinking Phase


The design thinking process was conducted to ensure a fully modern architecture, user experience, and features to take an enterprise view of the application over time.  The project incorporated five key focus areas for a successful project:

Case Study 5
Case Study 1

User experience and ease-of-use

Case Study 2

Display of relevant data and insights specific to the end customer

Case Study 3

Increase automation to deliver these insights

Case Study 4

Provide Administrative features to manage accounts, relationships, and reports

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Maximize performance, stability, and the pace of upgrades

Design thinking is a methodology where creativity meets problem-solving by putting users first. The goal is to approach a project by first considering the optimal solution from a given user or stakeholder’s perspective and then aligning those requirements with the technical, resourcing, and effort/timing needs of the program.  This “user-first” approach helps organizations better understand the needs of users before technical aspects are finalized, expand the space of possible solutions, reduce the risk associated with large projects, and ultimately deliver faster.

Keys to Success

Keys to Success

Comprehensive Design Thinking Methodology

Comprehensive Design Thinking Methodology

An Innovative Approach


Korcomptenz delivered a breakthrough technique:

Deliverables for the design thinking phase include wireframes, use cases, user requirements, and technical specifications for the build process.  The data required to support the program was complex and multi-tiered, including:

The phase was also used to secure relevant approvals from AEP compliance and technical teams to ensure a smooth project in the future.

Transforming User Experience

Customer Portal Application Development


In the application development phase, we assembled a diverse team to handle the various aspects needed for success. We utilized Amazon Web Services for hosting, Amazon QuickSight BI for data and dashboards, Okta for Identity Management, and Docker for Containerization and Continuous Integration. Security was a top priority, so developers were given access to virtual machines within the corporate network.

We emphasized strong project management, embraced agile development, and fostered collaboration with shared responsibility for solution architecture. To top it off, our solution provider had to excel in .NET MVC, master front-end development, execute pixel-perfect designs, and employ rigorous testing, including automation.

Korcomptenz’s Project Manager, playing the role of Scrum Master, led our development meetings. Following the agile methodology, we broke the project into six sprints lasting two to three weeks each, with an additional month for quality assurance before launch. Sprint planning involved delivering new design concepts for upcoming functionality, which required a speedy HTML/CSS creation process to support both front and back-end developers. Following modern application best practices, we designed an API-first platform with separate layers for display and functionality, ensuring rapid and efficient future enhancements and features.

After each sprint, Korcomptenz’s team tested the completed work and showed it to the client during a review. Then, they handed it over to the client’s technical team for further testing. The client’s business team also did user testing and added content. They involved people from different applications to ensure everything connected well, met security standards, and had accurate information due to many third-party integrations.

Korcomptenz’s profound grasp of strategic goals, extensive technical know-how, and seamless teamwork led to an exceptionally successful project. The Customer Portal application was equipped with advanced features, perfectly aligning with the project’s overall business requirements:

Customized User Dashboards and Additional Reports
  • Authorized users access personalized dashboards
  • Dashboards show company-specific and role-based reports
  • Easy navigation to additional assigned reports
Streamlined Identity Management and Secure Onboarding
  • Efficient customer account creation and management
  • Integrated console with Okta Identity Management
  • New users get secure email notifications for setup
  • Consistent validation for returning users
  • Centralized password management and policy enforcement
Integration and Management of QuickSight BI
  • User-accessible reports managed via admin console with embedded control
  • Admins can assign specific reports without coding customization
  • Building and managing reports in QuickSight BI
  • Empowers customers to tailor the user experience, centralize controls, and reduce the need for continuous development efforts.
Content Management Capabilities
  • Admin console for easy content management for "About Us," "Contact Us," and terms of use.

The Transformative Potential of the New Customer Portal Application

Trusted Partner

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