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See how Korcomptenz helped our Sports and Fitness client to configure and optimally use Salesforce to enhance reach on their wellness mission.

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The sports, wellness, and fitness industry has been gaining momentum globally. Individuals and groups alike look to improve their fitness levels through their own preferred ways. The fitness industry looks forward to leveraging technology to offer users a unique experience. The client, a leading fitness and entertainment service provider, has multiple facilities that offer sports, fitness, and wellness services using state-of-the-art equipment and amenities. Korcomptenz, offering a combination of innovative solutions and modern technology, enabled the organization to provide unparalleled fitness service to its customers.

About the Client


The client is a leading sports, wellness, and entertainment provider that operates multiple facilities in multiple states.  The company provides state-of-the-art facilities that include a health club, turf fields, ice-rinks, swimming pools, basketball courts, and more under a single roof.

Sports and Fitness Intro

The client serves the needs of both individual members
and groups, striving to combine fitness and wellness with unparalleled experience
and amenities.



The company had been using Salesforce and several other applications prior to engaging Korcomptenz, but the utilization rate was low, the installation was only configured for a single facility, and there were no roles, profiles, or workflows to support the various teams that interact with prospects and customers.

The result was an inefficient, ineffective sales process including lost leads, missed appointments, lack of actionable data, and overall data integrity issues.  In addition, Salesforce was configured only to support the initial sales, registration, and onboarding process.  The system did not support team and group sales, or services like personal training that occur after a member has been onboarded.  There was also a lack of integration between systems, resulting in a lack of transparency and data integrity issues.

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Case Study 1

Salesforce Configuration

  • Limited roles and profiles.
  • No support for multiple facilities.
  • Insufficient data object customization and configuration.
Case Study 2


  • No lead assignment or workflow process integrated with business development activities.
  • No support for group or team sales, or services that were provided after onboarding.
Case Study 3

Data Integrity & Integration

  • Old and outdated data with no maintenance and refresh plan.
  • No data integration between other systems and sources.
Point 4 Mobile

Visibility and Reporting

  • Limited dashboards, notifications, or activity tracking.
  • No ability to surface relevant data for insights and decision-making.
  • Limited visibility for management and the executive team.
Point 5 Mobile



  • Limited usage of Sandbox and UAT environments.
  • Limited usage of the Apex Framework.
  • Limited usage of Lightning and custom apps.
Sports and Fitness Challenge



After a thorough discussion with the client to analyze their needs and challenges we collaborated with them to implement a rapid development model that would allow them to start realizing real world improvements and results on a monthly basis.

This model enabled them to roll out Salesforce to under-utilized business units in an accelerated fashion while developing a foundation to support additional teams and facilities in the future. The initial engagement was focused on improving integration with marketing efforts using Salesforce Pardot, and re-imagining the process for initial membership sales, managed through Ambassadors. The sales process included an initial consultation, tour of the facility, and then appropriate follow-up until membership was signed.

Subsequent engagements focused on group/team sales, and services rendered after the member was onboarded, particularly personal training. The personal training process required integration with their ERP and accounting software. This enabled the Director of Personal Training to identify new members in the Salesforce and assign them to a team of Personal Trainers to schedule a complimentary session. The results of the complimentary session were tracked for proper follow up and onboarding of the service.

Salesforce Lightning – Enforced Lighting for all users moving forward.
Marketing Attribution – Ensured that leads were properly organized and tracked by campaign with data provided by Pardot Forms.
Membership Sales – Implemented a process to track all incoming leads, assign them to sales ambassadors, schedule complimentary visits of the facility and track membership rates.
Group/Team Sales – Identified and implemented a process to track potential group/team leads and close engagements for use of the facility on a single or multiple dates.
Personal Trainers and Additional Services – Implemented a process to integrate new member data with Salesforce, assign new members to a personal trainer and track results.
Multiple Facility Management – Updated Salesforce to support usage at multiple facilities with the ability to report on consolidated data to the executive team.
DevOps – Instituted proper usage of Sandbox and testing environments with test classes and code coverage required for deployments.



The combination of creative solutions to organizational challenges and agile, rapid delivery on Salesforce generated impactful results for the organization. These results were achieved in stages based on their strategic roadmap, enabling them to increase their utilization of Salesforce, generate return on investment, and increase visibility to management to generate new insights every step of the way. The engagement includes the following key achievements:

Sports and Fitness Benefits

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