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See how Korcomptenz helped a financial client to integrate workflows with Salesforce and DocuSign to minimize manual intervention and save time and money.

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The propensity toward investment has been gaining momentum among the global population. Individuals, especially retirees, look for diversified options for investment, such as notes, real estate, and oil and gas, among others. The success of a financial investment business depends on the ability to cater to the unique needs of different classes of investors. The client, a self-directed individual retirement account (IRA) custodian, helps individuals to efficiently make alternative investments. This firm focuses on enabling its customers to achieve financial security after their retirement. Korcomptenz collaborated with the client and enabled them to automate their documentation processes. This led to data accuracy while allowing users to choose from a broad spectrum of investments.

Today’s customers demand speed and convenience, while today’s companies demand efficiency and accuracy.  Executing contracts by scanning and emailing PDFs simply doesn’t work anymore. There’s a better way using Salesforce and DocuSign.

About the Client


Our client is a leading financial firm specializing in self-directed retirement accounts, serving over 20,000 customers. The firm enables their customers to take control of their retirement by controlling their IRA and enabling them to invest in everything from real estate to private placements. Overall, they pride themselves on educating their customers and empowering them to succeed with their investments.

Salesforce Online Onboarding Intro

Their organization provides
a wide range of retirement accounts to choose from including Traditional IRA’s,
Roth IRAs, SEP and Simple IRAs, Health Savings Account, Educational Savings Accounts.



The company had been operating using a combination of WordPress, Salesforce, and DocuSign. Potential customers would be able to either download and scan a PDF or download a DocuSign PDF and sign digitally. In both cases, no functionality was in place to integrate the information directly with their customer relationship management system, requiring manual entry at each step of the way.  The result was a lot of time spent copying and pasting, the potential for missed documents, and also manual error, for example if an application was appended to the wrong customer or a customer account was set up in correctly.

Asset 5
Case Study 1

PDF application was cumbersome and confusing, with a poor user experience and high error rate.

Case Study 2

Application needed to be emailed into the organization, potentially losing leads and resulting in confusion.

Case Study 3

Stages of the application couldn’t be tracked in Salesforce, offering limited visibility to pipeline.

Point 4 Mobile

The complex salesforce configuration was highly customized for the retirement account.

Point 5 Mobile

The organization leveraged DocuSign for contracting, but had limited integration with Salesforce and no automated processes.

Salesforce Online Onboarding Challenge



Korcomptenz collaborated with the customer to develop a new onboarding process with improved automation and a superior user experience. Using the new process, an existing customer or prospect would be able to complete an application using an intuitive online form with built in validation to ensure all data was correct.

The form was designed and branded to match their website, providing for a seamless experience. After submission, the data from the form was automatically integrated with Salesforce and a digital contract was issued by DocuSign.  Customers could sign the contract online, and every step of the process was tracked in Salesforce, enabling the company to send reminders of any document pending signature and to notify the sales team as well.

Customer Onboarding process with DocuSign




Korcomptenz’s comprehensive approach to the strategic vision, business process flow, and underlying technology enabled the organization to realize real return on investment.  The company as able to successfully onboard customers with a completely digital process that improved the user experience and reduced the chance for manual error.  In addition, they were able to track users that started the form, but did not complete it, capturing more leads.

Salesforce Online Onboarding Results

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