Leveraging Kentico Xperience to replace a custom legacy application

Discover how we helped a travel media company to modernize their technology stack with Kentico Xperience, improving performance, analytics, and customer experience


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Content Management System and Website Implementation

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Kentico, Though Industries Learning Management System, TapClicks, Amazon Web Services

Company Overview


The client is a leader in the travel industry that provides trusted information and experiences for a wide variety of stakeholders. The organization supports the B2B and B2C needs of Retail Travel, Meetings and Incentives Planning, Corporate Travel, and Hostel Investment. They also operate a marketing and advertising division that helps brands and destination create a strong and sustainable path forward. As a company that deals regularly with protected information on behalf of both their customers and their customers’ customers, security and the protection of data is a chief concern with rigorous policies regarding usage and securing only application.

North Start Travel Media

The client needed to re-design and rebuild their existing application that supports the educational initiatives on the industry leading Kentico platform.

About the Engagement


The client originally approached Korcomptenz because they were suffering from a perceived lack of support, technical expertise and depth, and strategic thinking from their current provider. The immediate need was to rebuild an existing application that supports educational initiatives for Travel Agents on the industry leading Kentico platform and implement an all-new design. The project included key upgrades and enhancements to improve the overall experience for both end users and administrations, plus automation opportunities to streamline the management user data including the management and completion of online learning courses for travel agents. Korcomptenz was selected as the partner in choice due to our unique combination of front and back-end expertise, understanding of complex data, and a long history of supporting the Kentico platform. This project was completed as part of a larger series of Kentico website implementations for the same customer for a total of eight distinct websites.

Key Projects and Achievements


Website Redesign and Customer Experience Improvements

An intuitive, impactful user-friendly website was a critical part of the client’s overall strategy. In addition to the usual considerations for an online educator, the client was challenged by the complex web hooks required to manage course completion and the unique management needs of supporting a complete online course catalog. Unlike a normal eCommerce storefront, visitors cannot simply browse products by category and add them to their cart. Courses need to be completed in sequence to unlock the next module, and therefore, an intuitive catalog feature where users can sort and view courses of interest plus a dashboard that centralized completion are essential. A user could have an optimal experience online only to lose their place in a module or accidently take the module twice.

The redesign project began by reimagining the user interface and design of the front end, identifying the out of the box features in Kentico that can support the overall management and online learning needs of the program, and ensuring smooth integration with an existing Learning Management System. In addition, special attention was paid to migrating a large number of users with their complete course history and providing an ongoing feed of completed courses to a third party analytics platform hosted on Amazon Web Services.

The key features addressed included:

Case Study 1 to 4
Case Study 1

All new design with more impactful branding, immersive imagery, and intuitive navigation and search features

Case Study 2

Intuitive catalog with courses tagged by type to enable users to find what they’re looking for fast

Case Study 3

Detailed course information with seamless integration to the Learning Management System

Case Study 4

Centralized dashboard for registered users to view their completed and pending courses

Casestudy 567
Case Study 5 Mobile

Innovative and interactive rewards program allows agents to earn benefits based on their course completion and bookings

Testimonials and other in depth content to showcase the benefits of using the site and taking the courses

Case Study 7 Mobile

Integration with third party analytics application hosted on Amazon Web Services

About the Learning Management System


Thought Industries powers the business of learning with industry-leading learning technology.  Founded in 2013 around the core belief that online learning experiences should be modern, intuitive, engaging, and scalable. Today, their growing team builds and maintains the only learning solution with completely native tools and integrations that drive higher engagement, learner proficiency, and retention rates for their customers.

About Kentico Xperience 13


Kentico is an award winning Content Management System and DXP platform that allows you to create engaging experiences and grow your business faster with a seamless digital experience platform that combines content management, digital marketing, and commerce.

Real World Results


Korcomptenz combination of user experience and technical expertise offered the customer the opportunity to realize multiple benefits including:

North Star Kentico Implementation

Improving the overall user experience and automating user data management

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