ERP Success: Rescue & Implementation in 7 Months for a Grill Manufacturer

Discover how Korcomptenz revived a top grill manufacturer’s business with a strategic ERP implementation from their existing partner, configuring their bill of materials and effectively executing the ERP system to ensure its smooth operation.

Our transformative partnership with the client turned operational hurdles into successes.


Our customer is a significant player in the manufacturing, fabrication, and distribution sectors, specializing in grills, HVAC units, and fireplaces. Their journey involves an intricate process that encompasses various stages. This process includes precision steel cutting, meticulous assembly of components, and direct sales channels.

Their impact extends far and wide, with a strong presence ranging from their website to the prominent shelves of major retail giants. However, even successful enterprises constantly seek ways to evolve and improve their operations.

ERP Success Implementation For Grill Manufacturer

This case study delves into how our expertise and guidance played a pivotal role in reshaping and revitalizing their operations. By collaborating closely with this dynamic manufacturer-distributor, we unlocked opportunities for enhancing efficiency, optimizing processes, and ultimately achieving even greater success in their industry.



Our customer embarked on a journey fraught with complexities, encountering a multitude of challenges along the way that acted as significant roadblocks on their path to success. They found themselves grappling with various obstacles, hindering their progress and making their journey more arduous. The challenges were:

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Case Study 1

A failed ERP implementation that persisted for three years, exacerbated by haphazard requirements and a lack of clarity on Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations’ crucial functionalities.

Case Study 1

The customer’s consultants, plagued by uncertainty, resorted to trial-and-error fixes, leaving users in a constant state of flux. The absence of data validation guidance and process coordination further sowed disarray, while a glaring lack of project management support intensified the situation.

Case Study 2

Licenses went underutilized, user morale plummeted, as well as user confidence in configuration setups for master planning and production dwindled in the face of repeated errors. Amid these trials, the master planning process grappled with unsuccessful execution, creating a dire need for transformation.

Implementation For Grill Manufacturer



Following a thorough assessment of the client’s challenges and needs, we came up with a solution:

Our solution for the client took their challenges to successes. Seamlessly integrating the IBM TM1 tool with Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, we streamlined the demand forecast uploading process, driven by PowerApps’ automation. Imagine the power of global report customization, offering users a panoramic view across all legal entities in a single, cohesive form.

We extended a guiding hand to the client team. Witness the reduction of over 900+ master planning errors—a remarkable feat born out of Korcomptenz’s dedicated assistance. By restructuring the Bill of Materials, we fortified their foundation and aligned their subcontracting process to the rhythm of business requirements.

As users voiced their satisfaction, we planned configuration setups that resonated with master planning and production modules. Through collaboration, we engineered a defined process that laid out clear paths for prioritizing production orders.



Our key victory in this context lies in the successful execution of the project and the tangible benefits it brought to our client.

ERP Success Rescue Implementation

The customer found solutions, automating workflows, structuring processes, igniting efficiency, instilling confidence.

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