Smart Contract App Transforms Construction Industry

A construction company streamlined operations, enhancing efficiency and client satisfaction


Days, new astonishing construction timeframe from lengthy 45 days


improvement in project schedule adherence and efficiency


fewer compliance incidents, 25% greater efficiency in regulatory compliance

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USA, Italy and


Smart Contract App

Technology Used

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, Power Platform

About the Company

Our client is a startup disrupting the construction industry by digitizing key aspects of build and payment processes. This exercise was to facilitate immediate payments to contractors based on milestones and provide an immutable audit trail for compliance.

The Challenges

Delays in invoice processing led to increased project costs and contractor overheads. Lack of a proper audit was causing confusion and hindering validation of work.
Smart Contract Case Study

The Solutions

A Smart Contract App was meticulously crafted with the purpose of streamlining and automating the entirety of construction processes from inception to completion. Leveraging the robust capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform in conjunction with Blockchain technology, the application ensures seamless integration and maintains immutable records, fostering transparency and trust throughout the construction lifecycle.
To further enhance functionality and efficiency, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Commerce, along with Power Pages/forms, were meticulously configured, enabling comprehensive management of financial transactions, operational logistics, and intuitive user interfaces.
Through the synergistic combination of these innovative technologies, the Smart Contract App revolutionizes traditional construction practices, offering a dynamic solution tailored to modern demands.

Key Features of the solutions offered:

The Benefits


What the Client Said

“Korcomptenz's Smart Contract App, is an innovative fusion of Microsoft Power Platform and Blockchain technology, revolutionized our construction operations. Through seamless integration with Dynamics 365, the app has significantly streamlined our payment processing, reducing it from a cumbersome 45 days (about 1 and a half months) to a mere 7 days. This acceleration has not only expedited our project timelines but also brought about a new level of transparency and efficiency. Throughout this transformative journey, Korcomptenz has been an indispensable partner, providing invaluable support and expertise at every turn.”



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