Support Services for an Automotive Major - Automation, Integrations, and Customizations

Explore how our expert ERP support is assisting an automotive leader in enhancing operational efficiency, automating processes, and integrating data systems to reveal strategic insights.




Michigan, USA


ERP System

As a world-renowned innovator in mechatronic vehicle access systems, our client operates as a Tier 1 supplier within the VAST Automotive Group, serving automotive giants worldwide to boost manufacturing facilities that dot the global landscape.

Transportation and Mobility Solution

In an ever-evolving landscape of transportation and mobility solutions, our client, a pioneer in the field, needed comprehensive support services for their AX 2009 ERP system, including fixing functionality issues, bespoke reports for in-depth insights, and process-related customizations.

The journey involved an array of activities, ranging from daily support to complex customizations. Here’s how Korcomptenz stepped up to the challenge:

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Automation Priorities

Automation Priorities

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Benefits of Automation

Benefits of Automation

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