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United States

Type of Solution

Salesforce Field Service with dedicated Mobile App and Experience Cloud

Systems + Applications

Salesforce Field Service Lightning, Salesforce Field Service Mobile App, Salesforce Experience Cloud, Custom Supporting Applications

Company Overview


The client is the largest manufacturer of flooring products in the world. The company produces a wide variety of carpet, tile, and other hard surface flooring products for use in commercial and residential buildings of all sizes. Their brands include both Do It Yourself options available through major providers like Home Depot for personal use and large-scale options designed for contractors during the construction of everything from hospitals to apartment buildings. The company also manufacturers and maintains a wide variety of artificial turf for use on indoor and outdoor athletic fields. In addition to the products themselves, the company provides interior design services for customers and potential customer to experiment with and visualize their choice of flooring before installation. 

The company uses Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds to manage their respective business development and internal support processes. 

Floor Management Case Study Developing solutions

Korcomptenz had previously been engaged on both a strategic and technical level to support the installations and their end users including custom Lightning App development. 

About the Engagement


The customer identified the need to digitize key processes around the maintenance and service of their customer’s fields including services performed onsite.  Previously, the sales process was managed in Salesforce Sales Cloud, but once a field was installed, any ongoing support, maintenance, or warranty work was performed using a complicated combination of SmartSheets, regular spreadsheets, and custom financial systems.  In addition, there were no customer self service tools or means to collaborate with vendors on potential work.  Customers requiring support had to manually contact their sales representative.  Internal teams that required additional help to support a field had to manually coordinate with providers. 

Case Study 1 to 4
Case Study 1

Field Service Lightning implementation to manage all ongoing maintenance and repairs across the United States, as well as supporting vendor relationships 

Case Study 1

Field Service Mobile app for technicians to use on site, guiding them through the maintenance process and collecting important information to validate that services were properly performed

Case Study 2

Experience Cloud implementation to offer customers secure self-service tools including custom features for those who wish to maintain their own fields

Case Study 3

Enhancements to Sales and Service Cloud to support the overall process including implementation of a Next Best Action feature and configuration of a customized support request form

Overall, the project was a part of a larger “digitize the enterprise” initiative being undertaken by the company. 

Floor Management Case Study Developing solutions

Implementing Salesforce Solutions that Drives Business Value


To deliver the project, the client needed a Salesforce partner with a proven track record of delivering enterprise project that addressed both the business and technical needs of the division.  Special attention was also paid to experience collaborating with business users to develop and implement processes to manage critical work streams including maintenance scheduling, resource assignment, costing and warranty management, vendor management, and reporting.  In addition to deep expertise on the Salesforce Lighting platform were required for certain custom features including an automated bidding process for vendors and a “healthometer” that would display upcoming maintenance needs for customers and allow them to provide proof of maintenance. 

The project began with a thorough discovery and analysis phase to finalize key aspects of the overall field installation and maintenance process, the user experience for support and maintenance, the details and methodology of the integration points with other systems, and to define the user stories for all functionality.  The discovery phase was completed in collaboration with business and technical teams on the client side.  The meetings were facilitated by a Korcomptenz Project Manager who also served as Scrum Master throughout the duration of the project. 

The project was delivered in an agile manner across eight two-to-three-week sprints, plus an additional one-month quality assurance period and training prior to launch.  The sprint planning process included the delivery both new business processes to digitize offline work and designs and user experience for the secure customer portal.  Following each sprint, completed functionality as tested internally by the Korcomptenz team, showcased to the client during the retrospective, and ultimately released to their technical team prior to testing. The business team was asked to conduct a thorough user acceptance testing at key points.  

Overall, Korcomptenz’ deep understanding of the strategic goals of the organization and experience with Salesforce Clouds including custom app development and customization, and close collaboration with technical and business teams made this project an overwhelming success.  The final implementation of Salesforce Field Service Lightning and Experience Clouds included the advanced features necessary to meet the overall business needs of the engagement: 

Field configuration – the sales opportunity was used to populate key details about the field and maintain the link to the Account Manager for additional business opportunities 
Maintenance plan configuration and assignment – the coordinator was able to configure the applicable maintenance plan and schedule based on the usage of the field, allowing for monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual plans; plans could also be self-maintained by the customer or maintained by the organization
Maintenance and warranty scheduling with geographic zones – Once the plan was developed, the coordinator was able to assign resources using an interactive calendar view; resource assignments were based on geographic location and also included features to outsource maintenance where needed
Technician mobile app – Technicians performed maintenance using a mobile app with specific requirements based on the type of maintenance; the mobile app maintained their schedule, provided directions and supporting information about the account, and collected the appropriate information on site to ensure the maintenance was performed correctly
Self-service customer portal – a secure portal allowed customers to register to view information about their fields, upcoming maintenance, and to request support allow with valuable DIY content including videos; a custom color-coded module was developed to alert users when maintenance was upcoming or over due
Automated bid process – the coordinator could automatically share information about a potential job to approved vendors to receive a bid; the process included automated notifications, 72-hours to complete the bid, and then tools to assign the work based on the responses
Additional features – Next-best-action and case management were included on their current installations to improve the overall account management experience

The project also included a custom warranty object for internal use and rich content for customers available via the portal. 

Other Strategic Value Adds


Throughout the relationship with the customer, Korcomptenz has strived to be a valuable partner.  In addition to the projects described above, we have provided: 

Floor Management Case Study Developing solutions

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