Why Clients upgrade from Dynamics GP to Business Central


GP or Business Central?

With our 16+ years of experience in the Microsoft Dynamics range of products we have helped a lot of clients to find the software which best suited their needs and industry. During this time, we have noticed that more and more clients are interested in moving to Business Central from Dynamics GP mainly due to the following reasons.


In recent times most of us are glued to our mobiles. Whether it is reading the news, working or more, it is through mobile. With Business Central, it is possible for us to make use of this trait and access our data and work from anywhere, at any time. On the other hand, GP does not allow for mobile functionality and it is even difficult to use it through a Web Browser which in turn causes it to be a considerable headache for its users.


Another big difference between the two is the upgrades. Dynamics GP requires regular updates which are not easy to do. In, contrast it is much easier to do updates on Business Central which just requires a little testing in batches before implementing the update, a much simpler and easier process. The difficulty in updating is one of the pain points of GP users.

Power BI and Cloud Insights

Power BI is one of the main reasons why many users want to move to Business Central. The advanced reporting capabilities of Power BI and the dashboard customization options that it provides make it very attractive to users. This along with Cloud Insights allows the users to make informed business decisions. Power BI is available as a native integration option in Business Central which makes it easily accessible for Business Central users.


Business Central also provides greater functionality to its users. While both GP and BC are targeted to the mid-size firms, Business Central is a newer version, and provides greater functionalities and integrations through Microsoft Appstore.

Modern Look

Since Business Central is newer than GP it has a better and more modern user interface which makes it very easy to use. It makes it easier for users to make use of all its features and in turn ensures a better and more comfortable user experience and training.

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