Top Five Salesforce Best Practices for the Financial Industry


Top Five Salesforce Best Practices for the Financial Industry


Why Salesforce?

In this era of rapid technological change, business leaders need to be aware of the latest software offerings to take advantage of important new functionality. A key platform for business users is the immensely popular Salesforce. Like any other enterprise software, however, Salesforce needs to be configured, customized, and administered properly for optimal function and a maximum return on investment. In addition, there are best practices that are unique to each industry.
In a series of blog posts, we’ll be taking a look at important best practices for some of the industries that Korcomptenz specializes in. This post focuses on the financial industry.

Top Five Best Practices in the Financial Industry

The financial industry includes a wide-variety of organizations from investment firms, to banks, and insurance companies. These companies come in an equally wide-variety of sizes from behemoths like Bank of America to smaller, boutique advisory firms. While each sector has it’s own unique needs, establishing positive relationships with customers based on trust is a critical success factor independent of size or specific market.

Fortunately for Salesforce users, Salesforce Clouds are designed from the ground up to support the kind of positive relationship management across all touch points that builds trust—and understanding. Here are five key best-practices that will help you maximize your relationships:

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We hope the Salesforce best practices in this blog have been helpful to you. Please visit Korcomptenz to learn more about our Salesforce solutions for the financial industry or to schedule a complimentary consultation. Also, be sure to check back in the future for best practices for other industries.

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