Project Description

About our Customer

The customer is a large electric services provider in the United States. They support installing electrical systems in large commercial buildings.

Systems + Devices Addressed

Key Challenges

The company had been using paper or binary file forms to process common human resources requests for staff in their field such as cell-phone and vehicle allowance and pay raises.

Korcomptenz’s Solution

Korcomptenz was selected as the partner of choice to replace the paper and binary file form process with an automated solution using Microsoft Power Apps.

We collaborated with the customer to identify their short- and long-term needs for their usage of Power Apps. This included an analysis of the current forms, future forms, workflow, reporting needs, and integration with Oracle Human Resources Software.

Employee Wage and Transfer App

Real World Benefits

The completed project delivered the following real-world benefits to the customer.

Ready for the Future

The implementation of Power Apps to support common Human Resources request is just the start of the organization’s digital transformation journey with Korcomptenz.

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