Project Description

About our Customer

The customer is an international leader in orthopedic surgery and recognized thought leader with data on thousands of patients since the 1980’s.

Systems + Devices Addressed

Key Challenges

The organization had been struggling with older, custom survey software that wasn’t scalable or built to the latest security standards. In addition, there was no administrative console to manage surveys or verify data prior to analysis and extraction for storage in the Data Warehouse.

Korcomptenz’s Solution

Korcomptenz was selected as the partner of choice to develop an all new, cloud-based survey application using the latest application development standards and databases, and including a robust administrative console to manage results.

We collaborated with the customer to identify the medically accurate survey types, data cleansing, and administrative needs, plus the overall process to extra data for analysis and storage in the existing data warehouse.

Patient Survey

Real Word Benefits

The completed project delivered the following real-world benefits to the customer.