Project Description

About The Company

A Belgian company, has been a partner to the furniture industry since 1967. As a distributor of hinges, lift systems and drawer systems for kitchen and interior builders, they have been the market leader for years. They have been exporting to Switzerland, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Israel. Thanks to its 220 dedicated employees, and ongoing investment in technology and automation, the company is growing year on year.

Business Challenges

A market leader in the furniture industry wanted to make the order entry easier for the users since most of their customers do not remember their product numbers or names but used to refer to their earlier purchase. The users were taking a long time to enter the Sales Order without any search features which will get into the Sales Order history information.


Korcomptenz introduced a custom order entry form that had all the required features like search with Sales Order History information etc. in one place. None of the standard AX product searches or order line insertion facilities were used in this customization. The main goal of this form was efficient and quick order entry (including keyboard-only order entry). It provided a search string to find products quickly, once selected, the quantity and reference (optional) to create a new sales line had to be entered.


Provided a very flexible and easy Sales Order Entry screen for the users who mainly depend on sales order history information to identify the items while creating sales orders.

During Sales order entry, while creating order lines, users can now see the history and item search through this new customized fastTab. The order entry form will be part of the order entry screen, with an expanded fastTab above the sales order line of the line view so that the user can scroll/search in the grid list.

Users enter a search string in the search field and the products grid quickly shows the results. The search group to the right of the form determines what items are searched and the checkboxes in the “Limit list to” group activate pre-defined filters on the search results.

The rest of the form shows additional data that an order entry worker should know while entering order lines. Once the right product has been found, the user should be able to quickly enter a quantity and an optional reference and add a new sales line with this info. The user stays on this screen until all sales lines are entered.

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