Project Description

Non-Profit Organization : Our Client

This non-profit organization created a community of support to provide family shelters and protect children at risk of abuse, neglect, and potential foster care placement. Our Client’s mission is to provide homeless families with the opportunities and support necessary to move out of shelter and live independently. With the knowledge that Family Homelessness is first and foremost a poverty issue that disproportionately affects children, our client has adopted a family-based, child-centered, education-focused approach to all its programs and services.


  • Having offices in 5 different locations , Our Client wanted to maintain a high-availability infrastructure.
  • Gain access to a highly skilled and competent workforce capable of performing in a complex IT environment.
  • Our Client was looking for a vendor who could manage their infrastructure in all 5 locations to lower infrastructure resource costs.
  • Acquire the flexibility to increase and decrease resource consumption to reflect changing business conditions.
  • Too much dependency on internal resource (s), limiting optimize use and limiting prompt support to resolve issues in time.
  • Ageing IT system that was supported by a single person at the premises.
  • Backups never taken promptly. Frequent server issues on Lotus Notes (Email and Internal Applications).


Korcomptenz is able to manage our Client’s complete infrastructure requirements and continues its support in the following areas,

  • Operations & Production support

  • Windows administration

  • Database Administrations

  • Network administration

  • 24×7 support for Data Center Operations.

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery


Elimination of responsibility for non-core competency resources

Utilization of industry-standard best practices.

Highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced support staff.

Flexible support structure to address changing business needs.

Service-level-driven performance targets

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